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Popular courses to become a master in affiliate marketing and partnerships

Short courses, certifications, and live instructor-led training modules


Industry Fundamentals Certification

For those who are looking to run their own affiliate program but are unsure where to start... Read more

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Industry Associate Certification

Combine your fundamental ideas with more advanced strategies to scale... Read more

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Product Fundamentals Certification

Pair your basic understanding of’s platform with practical skills... Read more

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Product Associate Certification

Now that you know how to run a basic partnership program... Read more

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Publisher Expert Certification

For creators with expert-level knowledge of all features... Read more

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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships

This certification learning path will help individuals... Read more

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Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships

This course will teach you about the various types of influencers... Read more

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Affiliate Marketing Goals, Competitive Assessment, and Commission Rates

This course will teach you all about aligning affiliate marketing... Read more

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Affiliate Marketing Contracts and Policies

You'll learn how to develop appropriate marketing policies... Read more

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What Types of Partnerships Exist & How Do I Choose Who to Work With

In this course, you will come to understand the various types... Read more

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How to Recruit and Engage Affiliate Marketing Partners

This course will teach you how to master recruitment by... Read more

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How to Track and Optimize Affiliate Marketing Relationships

In this course, you'll learn affiliate marketing tracking link basics... Read more

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How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Media Buying

You'll learn affiliate marketing paid placement basics and common... Read more

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Types of Affiliate Marketing Data and KPIs

This course will teach you about affiliate marketing KPIs, including... Read more

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How to Analyze the Success of Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

This course will teach you how to analyze affiliate marketing program... Read more

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Learn from top partnerships leaders

Sharing lessons from their years of experiences

Jaime Birch



Adam Weiss

Principal Consultant

Weiss Digital Consulting

Brianne Schmidt

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Gen3 Marketing

Julia Stanley


LT Partners

Sarah Dayes

Chief Client Officer

Acceleration Partners

Bryce Widelitz

Former Sr. Director of Business Development


Samantha Parsons

Director, PXA

Kristina Nolan

VP of Affiliate

DMi Partners

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