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“Since starting with Impact in September 2019 our partnerships and the amount of revenue generated through the partnerships channel has doubled almost every month. Now we’re at more than 11,000 partners working across multiple networks, media publishers, bloggers, YouTubers... you name it.”

Jerry Liu,

Affiliate Partnerships Lead

Rastelli's and DMi Partners

"Impact has been instrumental in helping us find and source new types of partnerships – everything from influencers to content to more traditional partnerships – and then consistently communicating and udnerstanding how they are interacting with each other,"

Kristina Nolan,

VP of Affiliate Marketing


“We were a bit nervous about migrating a program of our size from an affiliate network to Impact, but it couldn’t have been more successful. Impact makes it very straightforward to onboard publishers and to communicate effectively with a large publisher base. Together with Neo, we managed to migrate 85% of our partner-driven revenue within 2 weeks and finalize the migration ahead of schedule.”

Robbert van den Eshof,

Senior Digital Marketing Manager


“We have successfully used Impact’s Partnership Cloud to deliver automation and efficiency on reporting, payments, outreach, prospecting, and messaging to new and existing relationships. We honestly feel that Impact has provided us with a one-stop shop for our partnership program.”

Stefan Vukcevic,

Head of Partnerships


“Impact has helped us widen our net to reach potential customers at any stage of theentrepreneurial life cycle, unlock new initiatives, and expand the scope of both our targetpartners and target customer personas. We're really excited to diversify our partnership mix — new partnerships will be a key channel going forward.”

Jackie Ostrov,

Head of Growth

Ziff Davis

“As a publisher, we always saw a lift in conversions when a merchant migrated to Impact from another network.”

Jessica Spira,

VP of Partner Growth and Management


“The ease of reporting access and ability to set granular commissioning and bonus rules on Impact allowed Spark ROAS to facilitate the strong relationships we held with all partners, specifically with our content partners.”

Wes Lindenmuth,

Growth Marketing Manager


“Impact allows us through the complete flexibility of their platform to create any partnership structure that we want. Because it’s a neutral third party, there’s a sense of transparency: partners have a place they can log into to see the sales they drive. There’s no need to hop on the phone every week to show them the numbers.”

David Bakey,

VP of Direct-to-Consumer Business


“Our business is going to evolve, and our needs are going to change, so it's important to feel that your platform can grow with you. We feel confident that with Impact, we will be able to adapt to our ever-changing needs. We don't know what's waiting ahead for us, but we know that together we can figure it out, and that's reassuring.”

Cristina Arango,

Director of strategic partnerships


"We've experienced phenomenal growth on the Impact platform. The support for native integrations and ability to drive traffic directly into our apps has been invaluable for us."

Brook Fienberg,

Senior Director of Affiliate Marketing


"It's quick to deploy and easy to see your recruitment ROI. You don't have to take some other email marketing tool and try to make it fit your partner recruitment workflow. It's awesome when you can make 5-10k and only 3-5 minutes of work."

Wade Tonkin,

Senior Affiliate Manager

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