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Our Partnership CloudTM manages, protects, and optimizes all of your organization’s different partnerships. Learn more about how we can help you scale faster:

How do I contract with my partners directly and pay them globally?

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How do I discover and recruit my next partner?

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How do I attribute value to my partnerships?

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How do I protect my partnership investments from fraud?

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Case Study

Shipt and their Strategic Partnerships

Spoiler alert! With Radius by Impact, Shipt was able to achieve a 65% increase in quarter over quarter partner program revenue and a 70% lower partner program CPA vs other direct response channels. How did they do it?

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Manage and grow partners efficiently

Radius allows enterprises to manage and engage partners efficiently and intuitively, streamlining the process of contracting, tracking, crediting and paying - to grow partnerships and prove the incrementality of each.

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Discover and recruit new partners with ease

Mediarails lets partnership leaders discover and recruit new digital media partners automatically, allowing them to eliminate the tedious work and focus on higher value-add activities like building new partner relationships and deepening existing ones.

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Protect your partnership investments

Forensiq’s Performance Suite and Install Suite provide enterprises with integrated tools that leverage advanced techniques like machine learning to eliminate fraud from their partnership programs.

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Optimize your partnership program with confidence

Altitude reveals how each partner is engaging with your consumers, how they interact with other channels along the path to purchase and what value you’re getting from each partnership, so you can continually optimize towards growth.

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Partnerships - The Third Stage of Enterprise Growth

David A. Yovanno, CEO of Impact explains why partnerships are the third stage of enterprise growth and the need for PARTNERSHIP AUTOMATION.

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