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The Impact Platform brings together a set of disruptive technologies designed to measure, manage, and optimize partner marketing investments. Marketing leaders roll out the full Impact Platform across their organization to manage their partnership workflows and harness data for insights, optimization and decision-making.

Efficiently manage all your partners and affiliates in one place.

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Detect and block ad fraud to protect your marketing investment.

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Normalize and analyze your data across all marketing channels.

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Efficiently manage partners and track performance

Radius manages partners and affiliates efficiently and intuitively, streamlining the process of contracting, tracking, paying, commissioning, and evaluating performance across channels and devices.

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Stop ad fraud and eliminate ineffective marketing spend

Forensiq is a digital sleuth. Sophisticated detection methods identify malicious activity and blacklist bad actors so that you can eliminate costly, ineffectual marketing spend and keep your ad inventory safe.

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Confidently make decisions that drive growth

Altitude cleans, aggregates, and standardizes data to offer versatile and in-depth analysis of your marketing spend, so you can confidently make the decisions that drive growth.

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Case Study

Shipt and their Strategic Partnerships

Spoiler alert! With Radius by Impact, Shipt was able to achieve a 65% increase in quarter over quarter partner program revenue and a 70% lower partner program CPA vs other direct response channels. How did they do it?

Case Study – Shipt

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Impact Announcements

Impact Radius Rebrands as Impact

Announcing the launch of Impact, our new corporate identity, and the debut of a new software platform that natively integrates our three products – Forensiq, Altitude, and Radius. We believe it’s time for these core products to work harmoniously together on the same platform.

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