Good contracts make for good partnerships

Choose your desired business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them.

Create contracts and pay partners automatically

Define your terms with flexible electronic contracting and automatically settle payments in 70+ currencies.

Drive value, not just volume

Reward partners for generating revenue, new customers, or by any other metrics that matter.

Ditch paper contracts

Set up electronic, self-enforcing contracts that give you a complete system of record for your partnerships.

Pay across borders seamlessly

Deposit funds in your preferred currency and your partners will receive payment in theirs.

Align payouts to value

Use Dynamic Payouts to automatically adjust partner commissions up or down by 100+ factors, such as:

  • Customer-level (new vs. existing, geolocation, lifetime value)
  • Order-level (cart size, discount, promo code)
  • Item-level (margin, SKU, category)
Align payouts to value
Participation Bonuses reward all contributions

Participation Bonuses reward all contributions

Some partners — like social influencers and content sites — excel at driving awareness but get eclipsed by other partners that seal the deal with a coupon or cashback. Use Participation Bonuses to compensate upper-funnel partners for their contributions, without taking away another partner’s well-earned prize.

Pay at any point in the conversion funnel

Don’t waste money paying for low-value, early-funnel actions. Chained Events lets you reward your partner only once their lead converts, booking is consumed, or free trial converts to paid. 

Ensure that partners are rewarded when (and only when) they drive measurable results for your partnership program.

Pay at any point in the conversion funnel
Spark joy for your finance team

Spark joy for your finance team

Maintain meticulous records without actually having to be meticulous.

Keep everyone informed with on-demand and regularly scheduled finance reports.

Determine exactly when partners need to be paid and set it on auto-pilot. Need a custom wait period between a sale and payout? No problem!

Case study of RitzCamera: Smarter contracts mean stronger growth

Case study

Smarter contracts mean stronger growth

After learning that some of their partners were being under-compensated for their top-of-funnel work, RitzCamera changed the way they paid their partners and saw major gains in revenue and ROAS.

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Choose your business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them.
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Track the traffic partners drive on all your properties, across any device.
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Proactive messaging and automated workflows make sure partners stay informed, productive, and on-brand.
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Protect & Monitor

Expose fraud wherever it corrupts your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships.
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Continually optimize your partnerships for growth and efficiency.
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