Actionable insights at your fingertips

Continually optimize your partnerships to drive growth and increase efficiency.

Empower decision-making with a deeper knowledge of your partnerships

Uncover each partners’ unique strengths and unlock the potential of your entire partnership program through the Partnership Cloud’s Partner Insights reports.

Last click is so last decade

Gain insights about valuable partners overlooked by last-click models. Identify incremental value of partners all along the purchase journey — and reward them appropriately.

Identify your big spenders

You want to attract customers with high lifetime value — customer value reporting lets you identify the partners that bring in these high-quality purchasers.

Spend with confidence

Benchmark your partnership program against other channels such as paid search and display, so you can adjust your spend accordingly.

Evaluate partner value

Last click doesn’t give you the full picture. If you ignore partners that drive value at the beginning or middle of the purchase path, you’re choking your whole funnel.

The Contribution Report shows which partners deliver incremental value throughout the funnel, so you can keep them incentivized and producing results for you.

Evaluate partner value
Assess customer lifetime value

Assess customer lifetime value

Maybe last year’s Black Friday sale did great, but which partners brought in one-time deal seekers and which ones brought in high-value repeat customers?

The Customer Value report answers these questions and more, enabling you to recognize the partners that bring in your most loyal customers. 

Track customers across devices

Do more customers enter the conversion path on mobile or on desktop? Which device do they use when it’s time to purchase? Where do tablets fit in?

Device Analysis gives you the full breakdown of cross-device customers’ paths to conversion.

Track customers across devices
Discover the power of partner synergy

Discover the power of partner synergy

Do customers purchase more quickly or do they slow down when they encounter two partners in their conversion path? Does AOV go up or down in those moments? Discover where synergies — and anti-synergies — exist in your partner mix with the Synergy Report.

Case study: How McAfee achieved a holistic view of the consumer journey

Fraud resource

How McAfee achieved a holistic view of the consumer journey

Using Partner Insights, McAfee was able to identify a specific group of publishers that drove a significantly higher share of new customers, realizing a 9% increase in new customer sales and beating their goals by 43%.

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Discover a limitless number of global partners—and add them to your partnership program with ease. Save time with powerful discovery and recruitment automation.
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Find and recruit global partners

Contract & Pay

Choose your business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them.
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Track the traffic partners drive on all your properties, across any device.
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Track your partnership life cycle


Proactive messaging and automated workflows make sure partners stay informed, productive, and on-brand.
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Partner engagement & management

Protect & Monitor

Expose fraud wherever it corrupts your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships.
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Continually optimize your partnerships for growth and efficiency.
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Partnership marketing optimimzation

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