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Build high-value influencer partnerships at scale with / creator

Manage your influencer campaigns throughout its life cycle starting with discovery and recruitment. Gain best in class tracking and reporting to see where you’re making the biggest impact. Then automate creator payments in any currency.

What best describes you?

Find and engage qualified influencers faster

  • Join our Marketplace and collaborate with 80k opt-in and vetted creators
  • View creator metrics including audience demographics, engagement, and more
  • Contact creators directly and receive proposals from creators applying to your campaign

Manage your campaign all in one place

  • Get flexible contract terms
  • Automate task reminders and deliverables
  • Stay in contact with creators
  • Store, review, share, and amplify content

Automate campaigns with expedited creator setup

  • Manage and negotiate your creators’ terms
  • Specify deliverables, compensation, usage rights, and more up front
  • Set up qualifying application surveys in just a few clicks
  • Set payment terms as short as next-day for flat-fee campaigns and 30 days for performance campaigns

Maximize creator impact across the full-funnel with actionable metrics

  • Gain best in class performance tracking and reporting across all channel
  • See where you’re making the biggest impact
  • Access first-party creator data
  • Use the wrap report to demonstrate how your campaign is hitting your business goals

Build campaigns across brands with step-by-step workflows

  • Manage multiple campaigns across brands
  • Use toggles to review applications, hire talent, contact partners, and review creative content
  • Keep your influencer campaigns on track with complete visibility

Personalize influencer discovery and recruitment

  • Generate personalized brand lists
  • Apply for brand collaborations directly
  • View your brands, campaigns and invitations
  • Explore suggested brands, products of the day, and offers of the day

Track all your partner progress in one place

  • Manage and track all your influencer partners
  • Store your partners’ personalized information, see past collaborations, and pull social metrics
  • View compensation terms
  • Create custom fields for each brand

Gain complete campaign performance tracking

  • Automate and share wrap reports with stakeholders that dive into your performance metrics
  • View performance by creator including the number of posts, their reach, sales, and more
  • Track performance across every platform and see average engagement rates and total impressions

Front of the pack

" helped us scale our influencer program quickly from a gifting to a CPA capacity. Its huge pool of international talent eliminates time spent on manual research and outreach. We were able to onboard influencers to an affiliate commission structure, something we couldn’t find elsewhere. Truly unique,’s influencer marketing platform stands out from the rest."

Nicola Cronin, Influencer Marketing Manager, Front of the Pack

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Product highlights

Manage all creator-generated content from a centralized library

  • Store all your published content in one place for easy reference
  • View centralized information about usage rights
  • Pull content to repost or amplify
  • Filter content by date, creator, or platform
Content Library

Maximize your reach with paid amplification

  • View and amplify content directly from the Content library, with insights into usage rights and exclusivity
  • Repurpose content across your social channels
  • Access your influencer-generated content any time and use it for paid amplification
paid amplification of user generated content

Use promo codes to 
track conversions

  • Let your community of content creators help you convert traffic using promo codes
  • Create and assign promo codes in the platform
  • Make attribution easy with insights into the consumer journey and performance reporting
  • Credit payouts to your partners for their efforts
using promo codes

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Big Commerce







Aligning marketers and influencers

Discover how influencers and marketers align, and differ, to create a powerful influencer marketing engine.

Influencer Marketing

Start today and partner with vetted and opted-in creators

Find creators that align with your brand values, tap into new audiences, and generate authentic content with the / creator.