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Discover how to increase your revenue by building inspiring partnerships with’s end-to-end influencer marketing platform

Manage your influencer campaigns throughout their life cycle, from finding, recruiting, and engaging the perfect creators, to tracking their efforts and paying out according to their contributions.

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" helped us scale our influencer program quickly from a gifting to a CPA capacity. Its huge pool of international talent eliminates time spent on manual research and outreach. We were able to onboard influencers to an affiliate commission structure, something we couldn’t find elsewhere. Truly unique,’s influencer marketing platform stands out from the rest."

Nicola Cronin, Influencer Marketing Manager, Front of the Pack

Product highlights

Content library

Product gifting

Paid amplification

Promo codes

Content library

Access and repurpose any content influencers have created for you — all in one place. You can find influencer-generated content (IGC) in the Media Vault, which allows you to easily filter, tag, and download all IGC related to your brand. The content library has additional hashtag and social listening tools to enhance your search for IGC created for your campaign.

Make product gifting easier with storefront integrations

Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce storefront integrations get your product directly into the hands of influencers. Creators select the products they love and provide personal details based on your guidelines. The integration eliminates capture and tracking details such as shipping or size requirements. Let all details flow seamlessly into both your order management system and the platform experience.

influencer gifting

Leverage paid amplification and get more out of your content

Amplify user content and extend its shelf life. The Advertiser Access feature helps you repurpose content in social channels and directly access your influencers’ business Facebook and Instagram accounts. Use social amplication techiniques such as dark posting, allow lists, and boosted posts to gain additional value from user-generated assets.

paid amplification of user generated content

Use promo codes to track conversions

Let your community of content creators help you convert traffic by leveraging promo codes to track conversion events. Create and assign promo codes in the platform and we will take care of all attribution, performance reporting, and crediting payouts to your influencer partners.

using promo codes

Storefront integrations

Simplify seeding campaigns and sharing promo codes with influencers.










Aligning marketers and influencers

Read this important new research to discover how the perspectives of influencers differ — and align — with marketers so that you can create a powerful influencer marketing engine.

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