Find the right partners to drive growth

Connect with customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey with a partner mix that includes affiliates, influencers, content publishers, and more.

Engage with customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey

Partnerships optimize touchpoints along the entire customer journey, driving full-funnel performance.

The Marketplace allows you to browse perfectly curated partner collections and explore an ever-growing ecosystem of global partners to create diverse partner portfolios.

Find partners, no matter where they are

The platform hosts powerful search tools—advanced search, robust filters, and AI recommendations—to connect you with partnership opportunities that match your unique requirements.

Extended Search automates discovery by searching the Marketplace and across popular search engines to present highly relevant partner opportunities—saving valuable time and effort.

Access key partner information to ensure the perfect match

Each partner in the Marketplace has a detailed profile to help you make informed decisions on who to collaborate with.

  • Media properties (links to website and social media platforms)
  • Traffic statistics (engagement rate, monthly visitors, and more)
  • Contact details
  • Audience countries
  • Tags and categories

Turn prospects into partners with ease

Set the foundation for success and build thriving partner relationships from the beginning. Utilize’s time-saving tools and services to strategize a winning recruitment plan.

  • Send personalized outreach emails in bulk
  • Automate outreach with email workflows
  • Engage prospects with in-app chat
  • Track each partner’s progress in the recruitment process partnership management platform

Manages, protects, and optimizes all of your organization’s different partnerships. Learn more about how we can help you scale faster.

Discover & Recruit

Discover a limitless number of global partners—and add them to your partnership program with ease. Save time with powerful discovery and recruitment automation.

Contract & Pay

Choose your business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them.

Contract & Pay


Track the traffic partners drive on all your properties, across any device.



Proactive messaging and automated workflows make sure partners stay informed, productive, and on-brand.


Protect & Monitor

Fortify your partnerships with full-stack protection across the entire consumer journey. Automate the daily monitoring and remediation of issues that could result in partner non-compliance. Expose affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities wherever they corrupt your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships.



Continually optimize your partnerships for growth and efficiency.


Activate promising partnerships

Find out how partnership management platform can help you discover and recruit the right partners at scale.