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Pick the Right Team of Partners

Your partnership possibilities are infinite, but it all starts with recruitment.

Stay a Step Ahead with Competitive Discovery

Filter by brand to see who’s driving traffic for your competitors.

Content-Based Discovery Aligns Search with Substance

Identify partners by content, based on search rankings, to ensure optimal collaboration.

Don’t Miss a Mention with Social Listening

Track and analyze online conversations to uncover consumer insights and identify your most vocal advocates in the social sphere.

Delivering Partnerships at Scale for Top Enterprises

Browse a global partnership universe

  • Access 7M+ global partners
  • Enhance partner profiles with 100+ data points
  • Explore unlimited opportunity — onboard any new partner you’d like

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“It used to take us weeks to plan a campaign. Now it takes hours and we get 10x more placements.”

Giana Moon, Partnership Marketing Manager

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Just Tell Us Who— and We Find Them for You

Want to know:

    • Who’s driving traffic for your competitors?
    • Who’s talking about specific topics on social media?
    • Who’s working as one of Amazon’s associates?
    • Who’s prolific at creating content?

At Impact, we put discovery on autopilot for you with social listening, robust prospective partner profiles, and more.

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Send Personal Messages at Universal Scale

Quickly create segments based on size, quality, geography, social audience or from dozens of other data points—then just review your new prospects. It’s that easy.

Once you decide whom to contact, send hundreds or thousands of highly personalized, 1:1 messages with just a click. We automatically track all of your outreach.

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Automate Workflows for Superhuman Efficiency

For example, automated email workflows allow you to simply set up outbound rules and deploy. Use the time you've won back to field replies from interested partners who can grow your program.

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Monitor and Measure Your Every Campaign

Get insights into the overall impact of your recruitment efforts across numerous dimensions. Scan a holistic view of your pipeline and drill down to see precisely what's working and what areas need more attention.

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“It’s quick to deploy and easy to see your recruitment ROI. You don’t have to take some other email marketing tool and try to make it fit your partner recruitment workflow. It’s awesome when you can make $5-10k in only 3-5 minutes of work.”

Wade Tonkin, Senior Affiliate Manager, Fanatics

Case Study


With Mediarails, Fanatics was able to hyper-target publishers with promotional opportunities during big sporting events, which lead to higher publisher engagement and an increase in revenues.

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Impact Partnership Cloud

Impact’s Partnership CloudTM manages, protects, and optimizes all of your organization’s different partnerships. Learn more about how we can help you scale faster:

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Find out how Impact’s Partnership CloudTM can help you discover and recruit the right partners as scale.

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