Customized tracking technology and streamlined workflows to manage your unique partnerships.

Optimizing your channel partnerships can be tricky. Your contracting, performance tracking, and data-sharing needs can change from one partner to the next, so you often have to build a range of custom solutions in-house. Our platform allows you the focus and flexibility you need to work with — and analyze the performance of — a wide variety of partners on a single platform. We handle the tech, so you can devote your full attention to fruitful collaboration.

Technology that lets you focus on relationship-building.

Minimum Tech. Maximum Data

Leverage our APIs for tracking and reporting beyond expectation, automatically sharing the data with your partners so you can work toward achieving shared goals.

Custom Contracting

Negotiate with and sign partners to your program using powerful contract management workflows. Tailor each deal to the specific terms and needs of each partner.

Robust Analytics

Compare the performance of each partnership initiative, so you can gauge their contribution and adjust tactics to continually optimize for ROI growth.



How BarkBox is Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Partners with Radius

In this video, Kirk Hausman, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, BarkBox, explains how his organization iis managing traditional and non-traditional partners with Radius.

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