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Truly intelligent deep linking

Truly intelligent deep linking
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Accurate attribution

Accurate attribution
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Take control of mobile UX

mobile UX
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70% in-app mobile conversions

in app mobile conversions
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Protect against fake installs

Protect against fake installs
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“We’ve experienced phenomenal growth on the Impact platform. The support for native integrations and ability to drive traffic directly into our app has been invaluable for us.”

Brooke Feinberg, Senior Director of Affiliate Marketing


Drive Mobile Growth with Partnerships

You spend more on marketing to grow on mobile every year but are you getting the returns you want? Watch this video and find out in less than 90 seconds about the powerful ways partnerships can grow your business.

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Truly intelligent deep linking

Our mobile deep linking solution, TrueLink™, sends users directly to the desired place in-app

  • Deep linking into your app boost conversion rates by 3x compared to mobile web
  • Fallback logic routes users to mobile web or to the app store if your app’s not installed
  • There’s no need to juggle separate links for app and web – a single link works for both
truelink tracking software

Consistently accurate attribution

With most deep linking solutions it’s tough, if not impossible, to track and attribute partner contributions in-app. We fixed that.

  • SDKs can be a pain. We won’t make you install one.
  • Our API-based solution optimizes performance and minimizes dev time
  • Your partners don’t need to do a thing. Seriously.

70% of mobile conversions occur in-app

There’s a whole mobile world out there – and you need to be ready for it. Once you implement our mobile solution, you’ll open up new partnership opportunities with mobile-first businesses like games, utilities, and other app-only partners.

Plus, you can expect to see greater revenue from your existing partners, as they can begin driving their mobile traffic into your app, where conversion rates are 3x higher on average than in mobile web.

Take control of your mobile user experience

You should be able to decide exactly what happens when a user clicks on your partner’s link to your content. Optimize with A/B testing and set different flows for different segments, like iOS vs Android users.

By providing a complete rules-based routing engine on top of the intelligent deep linking, TrueLink™ gives you complete control over your user experience – even when users click through from your partner’s app or website.

Protect yourself from fake installs

As more and more budget flows into mobile, bad actors have followed suit. In fact, Forensiq Fraud Lab research shows that 25% of app installs involve fraudulent activity.

Fraud operators can make these bogus installs look legitimate, but our algorithms can tell the difference. We flag the fake installs, and you pay for only the real ones.


How to own and optimize your customer’s experience

Mobile conversion rates. Outdated offers. Location-based promos. It’s a quagmire of possibilities getting your customers where you want them to go. Experience how TrueLink™ gets your users where you want them with ease, no matter what technological challenge your offer presents, in this interactive use case library.

truelink tracking software

Activate promising partnerships

Find out how the partnership management platform can help you automate and scale all your partnerships.