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The Partnership Economy has arrived.

A new era of enterprise growth is here

Partnerships are a significant source of incremental growth and new revenue streams. While sales and marketing have long been viewed as the primary sources of growth, they are no longer enough to sustain it. Partnerships have emerged as the third and fastest-growing revenue channel for organizations.


“We have seen brands double-down on direct sales and marketing investments such as CRM and marketing automation over the past 20 years. With over 75% of world trade flowing indirectly, Forrester believes the third stage of enterprise growth will revolve around paving the last mile to the customer through partners and alliances.”

  • Jay McBain,
  • Forrester,
  • Principal Analyst Global Channels.

What is the Partnership Economy™?

The Partnership Economy is made up of the people, services, and technologies that enable brands to generate revenue through partnerships. How does it work? Partners receive payments and incentives for tapping into their expertise, influence, and authority to drive partnership collaborations.

Unlimited potential

Innovative enterprises are generating explosive growth in the Partnership Economy by transforming their approach to partnerships.

The types of emerging partnerships are virtually limitless!


Strategic business partners


Corporate social responsibility / charity




Mobile apps


Social influencers


Premium publishers, news, and content





Until now, marketers and business development leaders haven’t had the proper technology to manage the entire partnership lifecycle. This has fueled the need for PARTNERSHIP AUTOMATION and’s Partnership CloudTM.

At we are proud to be Powering The Partnership EconomyTM for global businesses.

Our most mature clients are seeing:

Up to 25% of total enterprise revenue driven through partnerships

Partnership revenue as a channel growing by 50% or more YoY

Partnerships - The third stage of enterprise growth

2019: The year partnerships became a major category for business growth—A note from’s CEO

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