Welcome to the partnership economy

A new era of growth has arrived, built on the trusted referrals of your business to new audiences

The Partnership Economy

What is the partnership economy and how does it work?

The partnership economy is made up of the people, services, and technologies that enable brands to generate revenue through referral partnerships. Partners receive payments and incentives for tapping into their expertise, influence, and authority to drive partnership collaborations.

What do brands with mature partnerships experience?

dollar sign
28%+ of total enterprise revenue driven through partnership
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Partnership revenue channel growth of 50%+ year-over-year
Numerous other business KPIs surpassed, including bottom-line profitability

How can you thrive in the partnership economy?

Get the essential guide from David A. Yovanno, impact.com’s CEO, that details the vital role trust plays in the new economic landscape and how partnerships strengthen brand-to-customer relationships. Gain real-world knowledge and practical steps on how to start your own program.

The Partnership Economy Book


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