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Data is the springboard to smart, confident decisions

You need data to work for you, to give you the insights you need to move forward.

Tame your data

Your team needs to be able to react to changing conditions – both good and bad – immediately. There isn’t time to wrangle and clean fragmented data from a zillion sources. You need trusted data that is ready to go, so you can provide fast answers to complex questions and help guide smart marketing decisions. You need a marketing system of record.

Wrangling data is no fun. Analyzing it is

Data onboarding

Our Universal Tracking Tag captures the majority of your data in real time. You can then leverage our library of 150+ pre-configured integrations to automatically ingest and de-duplicate cost and touchpoint data from both internal and external data sources.

Source of truth

Your data is cleansed, verified, de-duplicated, and normalized at the event-level, providing greater accuracy and an unmuddled view of your customer journey. Finally understand true causality, analyze incrementality, and glean deep insights to guide your team.

Cross-device identification

Track interactions across every device to understand how your customers truly interact with your ads. Our proprietary identity matching paints a clear, detailed picture of each customer’s journey across devices and bridges offline and digital performance.

Spreadsheets be gone

Custom reporting

Actionable insights

Beautiful visuals

Open platform

Spreadsheets be gone

Forgo the ongoing hassle of wrangling data from multiple sources into spreadsheets that crash under the load and from channel discrepancies that inevitably arise when trying to compare the disparate data.

Leverage our robust reporting suite and custom report builder to get everything you need. With just a click you can analyze your data from the macro level down to granular keywords, ads, or user behavior. Or feel free to export your cleansed, normalized and aggregated data back into your own DMP, if you choose.

Custom reporting

Personalize any of the reporting templates in our vast out-of-the-box reporting suite. And find the unique story in your data with drag-and-drop custom report building. Both options grant you access to granular real-time views at the channel, media, keyword, and ad levels.

You can also schedule report deliveries to keep stakeholders informed and set custom alerts to immediately notify you of issues or opportunities within your campaigns.

Actionable insights

Go beyond traditional performance reporting to leverage intelligent, actionable insights that illuminate the “why” behind the performance of your media buys. Track customer interactions every step of the journey and across every device to see how they truly interact with your ads and to identify which tactics affect their decision to buy or bail.

Assess the incremental value of each media vendor and performance partner and gauge their true contribution to the beginning, middle, and end of the customer journey. Armed with deeper insights both broad and deep, you can guide your team to confidently adjust tactics and improve ROI in real time.

Beautiful visuals

Tabular reports are helpful, but visuals help you and your team to spot trends and identify anomalies more easily. Leverage eye-catching, intuitive visuals of metrics, trends, and insights to help articulate your findings more effectively to marketing leadership and key stakeholders.

Open platform

The foundation of impact.com’s product suite is our open and continually evolving platform. Leverage a robust library of turnkey integrations and an open platform with extensive APIs to onboard your data from major adtech and eCommerce platforms and to gain a comprehensive view of your marketing ecosystem. Seamlessly ingest campaign performance metrics as well as transaction events, such as in-app mobile events and installs.

It’s your data, so handle it how you see fit. Use our robust reporting platform and custom report builder, or feel free to export your data into your own analytics suite. Whatever works best for you.

Cymax Case Study | Impact

Case study

How Cymax tackled its marketing analytics

The data analytics team at Cymax was spending way more time than they wanted to generate marketing metrics and reports, and they were only able to access first and last click performance. So while they had access to traditional performance reporting, they couldn’t see the customer journey and therefore lacked data-driven insight. Cymax sought to gain the insights they needed to make data-driven marketing investments with confidence.

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