Track everything, all the time

Accurately track partners across web and app properties and attribute performance, no matter how many devices customers use.


Your tracking, your choice

Get the most accurate, reliable tracking by plugging into our APIs. Track conversions, credit app installs, and identify users across their devices with the best tracking method on the market.

If APIs aren’t your thing, simply add our universal tracking tag to your site’s header. Our JavaScript-based solution is fully ITP-compliant and far more reliable than traditional pixel and gateway tracking — and it’s a cinch to enable.

Your tracking, your choice

See the whole picture with cross-device tracking

Consumers often research on one device and convert on another. If you only see partner touchpoints on the converting device, you’ll miss vital context.

Our cross-device identity graph figures out which devices belong to the same user and links them. Plus, you can see how your partners participate with each other along the path to purchase, alongside other channels.

cross-device tracking conversion path

Future-proof your program

As the major browsers trip over each other in the race to shield users from online tracking, you can place your trust in a system that keeps accurate partner tracking and attribution no matter what happens.

Break free of browser-based tracking — experience APIs that allow you to relax the next time a browser update threatens to disrupt traditional tracking methods.

Future-proof your program

Streamline the user experience with TrueLink™

Maximize conversion rates by ensuring a smooth customer experience on mobile: give your partners a single link that routes users along the optimal path, deep linking them directly to the right product or offer page in your app or website.

TrueLink™ doesn’t require partners to go through any sort of integration. It just works.

truelink tracking software

Make privacy a priority

Whether it’s GDPR, CCPA, or something else, privacy regulation is here for good. The Partnership Cloud is built around consumer privacy, so you’ll be covered no matter which acronym comes next.

Protect all personally identifiable information (PII) that passes through our platform with ultra-secure HMAC-SHA256 encryption.

GDPR, CCPA privacy tools

Track partner-side impressions, STAT

Save your partners hours of busywork by encouraging them to leverage our STAT Tag. It automatically transforms partners’ direct links into tracking links — so their old posts can instantly begin generating revenue.

Plus, as a bonus, the STAT Tag can capture valuable info about each link’s impression count and CTR, giving you unprecedented visibility into partners’ performance.

Track partner-side impressions, STAT


How to own and optimize your customer’s experience

Mobile conversion rates. Outdated offers. Location-based promos. It’s a quagmire of possibilities getting your customers where you want them to go. Experience how TrueLink™ gets your users where you want them with ease, no matter what technological challenge your offer presents, in this interactive use case library.

truelink tracking software partnership management platform

Manages, protects, and optimizes all of your organization’s different partnerships. Learn more about how we can help you scale faster.

Discover & Recruit

Discover a limitless number of global partners—and add them to your partnership program with ease. Save time with powerful discovery and recruitment automation.

Contract & Pay

Choose your business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them.

Contract & Pay


Track the traffic partners drive on all your properties, across any device.



Proactive messaging and automated workflows make sure partners stay informed, productive, and on-brand.


Protect & Monitor

Fortify your partnerships with full-stack protection across the entire consumer journey. Automate the daily monitoring and remediation of issues that could result in partner non-compliance. Expose affiliate fraud, influencer fraud, and traffic abnormalities wherever they corrupt your conversion paths. Cut out invalid traffic and reinvest spend in high-quality partnerships.



Continually optimize your partnerships for growth and efficiency.


If you don't track it, it never happened

Find out how our industry-leading tracking can lay the foundation for your growth.