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Last week Impact Radius was ‘exposed’ to the inaugural Digital World Expo (#DWEXPO) – a next gen marketing conference held at the prestigious Las Vegas Mirage resort. Ignoring the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” rule, we’re going to share a little about what happend on our trip.

Event chair Shawn Rorick designed DWEXPO to serve professional marketers looking to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of digital media and it’s underlying technology. Positioned as a learning-oriented conference, DWEXPO delivered on its vision.

As it’s overall theme, DWEXPO posed the questions, “What’s Now?” and “What’s Next?”. Rorick & team developed a curriculum of over thirty classes to offer expert-level answers. The session presenters were great and provided plenty of valuable information.

Inspired by DWEXPO’s learning focus, the team at Impact Radius decided to ask a question of its own: What’s your biggest challenges as a marketer?  We surveyed attendees to find out. And respondents were entered into a drawing for an iPad2. Guess who won?  Congratulations goes out to Victoria Soares of Soaring New Media!

Here’s a quick video highlighting some of the responses we received:

Not surprisingly, a common difficulty cited: Of the many opportunities available to marketers, which deserve their immediate attention? Should they put more focus into Social? Budget for In-Game Advertising? Start using QR Codes? Yay or Nay on Google +?

Another typical problem mentioned? Coping with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Certainly not limited to marketers, the challenge of constrained resources factors into all sorts of decisions. Everything from selecting vendor and tech solutions to managing partnerships boils down to doing more with less.

Arguably, the topic of Mobile sparked the most buzz. Consumer adoption is fueling app development, changing perceptions about social and driving location-based marketing strategies. The challenge here is gaining proficiency fast enough to invest effort and dollars wisely.

With so much valuable feedback adding to our own perspective, the best way to cover all the challenges facing marketers in 2012 is with a series of posts. Over the next six weeks we’ll discuss 12 important issues. We encourage you to come back every Tuesday and Thursday to see if our list matches your own.

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