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Influencer marketing just got a whole lot smarter! And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day – we’re ready to show the industry the love it so much deserves. We are now a full-fledged influencer management platform, giving you the ability to scale your programs, keep then running around the clock, evaluate and automate payment, and take a global approach. Take a deeper look at how Impact makes managing your influencer programs a breeze.

Scale your marketing team’s ability to manage massive influencer programs

Working with micro-influencers that have audiences of less than 10K followers on average is tricky; moving the revenue needle in any significant manner requires a lot of micro-influencers. By using Mediarails’ Social Crawlers, you don’t have to spend too much time locating potential influencers—the automated crawler integrates with the major social networks to locate thousands of potential influencers for you using search criteria you control. And with Mediarails’ Email Automation, recruiting these micro-influencers is a breeze — especially when your program has to deal with scores of them. Just like your favorite marketing automation tool, you can set up sequential or conditional drip campaigns to nurture your partnership leads and get them primed to join your program  A few of Impact’s large retail micro-influencer programs even involve reaching out to thousands of micro-influencers.

To scale your micro-influencer program, it’s critical to standardize and streamline. Managing it through a central performance workflow and tracking platform like Radius makes your day-to-day life far easier. What does end-to-end look like?

  • Contracting. Manage influencer contracting with Dynamic Payouts,
  • Creative Management. Orchestrate creative guidelines with Mediarails’ Email Automation capabilities,
  • Tracking. Track performance via unique coupon codes or tracking links,
  • Incentivize. Encourage influencers with Performance Bonuses,
  • Commissioning. Automatically calculate commissions based on the rules of your contracts and disburse payouts
  • Reporting. Monitor influencers globally, and see how much value they are delivering over time

Having a holistic, end-to-end platform to manage influencers at scale effectively increases enterprises’ capacity to manage all types of performance-based influencers at scale.

Keep your influencer program always-on and running on cruise control

With micro-influencer programs, you can now be “always-on” as influencers continuously enter and exit your programs. Using Mediarails’ Social Crawlers and Email Automation capabilities, enterprises can easily scale their discovery and recruitment process, allowing them to easily execute multiple times a year, instead of having a single, big-bang, one-off effort that peters out over time.

Having your program tracked and managed by Radius and Mediarails makes it seamless to continuously grow an influencer program so that it can remain “on” throughout the year—ensuring that your acquisition efforts always remain in the forefront in people’s minds.

Track value and always pay according to value

With Radius, you can trace and pinpoint exactly which influencers are contributing to the brand’s acquisition efforts and track which ones drive traffic to your website and which ones drive purchases through coupon code tracking, which allows you to distribute unique engagement codes to each influencer. With the influencer’s engagement data from Partner Insights reporting, you can then analyze exactly which specific influencers are great at introducing the brand to new prospects, driving new audiences to purchase, or contributing to the path to purchase—even if users engage with the influencer’s post, and finalize their purchase on different devices—due to Impact’s robust Cross-Device Identity Graph. Dynamic Payouts allows you to create contracts flexibly and tweak them to pay for value when influencers deliver it, and automated payment processing ensures that fixed and performance-based payments to influencers are handled without you lifting a finger.

Support global influencers

Influencers are a great way to deliver additional power to your word-of-mouth marketing as the brand expands into new markets. Radius’s Localized Contracts can centrally manage global influencer programs, allowing global marketers to tap into the power of foreign social networks and with seamless currency conversion and payout in the influencer’s local currency.

Impact: The World’s Only End-to-End Influencer Management Platform

It’s never been easier to build up your influencer program. With the combination of these new Radius features, the discovery/recruitment/engagement capabilities of Mediarails, and Radius’ contracting, tracking, reporting, and payment processing expertise. Impact now provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to manage and optimize influencer programs at scale.

Find out more about organizing, optimizing, and enhancing your partnership marketing program—contact us here or through your Impact representative.

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