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Can just five tips help you increase your revenue, even as the world continues to struggle to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic?

In short, yes! 

The more extended answer? Ecommerce has grown over the past two years, with more people shopping and conducting business from home. Even as some in-person restrictions seem to be lessening, going online for a wide variety of purchasing needs doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

How do you adjust your approach to get the most out of the new way consumers shop? Check out these five insider tips gleaned from top publishing performers to help you navigate the new affiliate partnerships world order. 

1. Choose authentic brands

An authentic brand decides to be transparent and consistent in its messaging and branding initiatives. Furthermore, an authentic brand has business values it remains true to, and most essentially, stays honest.

In an age where misinformation has proliferated, partnering with authentic brands is more important than ever. Publishers who can “keep it real” and champion a brand’s messaging will benefit from promoting an authentic brand. 

2. Negotiate more 

Brands need publishers — what you provide is vital to their success. So negotiate! Many brands have cut back on in-store and paid media spending and are shifting their budgets to online channels. You can make the case for what you offer.

Publishers that can drive measurable and cost-effective results provide a vital service for these brands. Position yourself as the ideal publisher by achieving cheaper and trackable results for your brand partner now and in the post-COVID-19 world.

3. Adapt your strategies 

One of the new unspoken rules of partnerships since the pandemic hit? Brands want to work with publishers that can quickly adapt. 

Think about if you partnered with a popular fashion brand that catered to the business casual consumer. Once work-from-home became the norm, blazers and blouses were no longer in demand. If you continued promoting business casual fashion when athleisure and Zoom-friendly outfits were now the norm, you wouldn’t deliver results for the brand. 

In a time when anything can happen, adaptable strategies make you all the more valuable to brands. 

4. Diversify your revenue streams

One thing publishers have learned over the past two years? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Like the ability to adapt, diversifying your revenue streams provides you with more stability in unstable times. Work with brands of different sizes and types to help give you a balance that you succeed over the long term.

Diversifying your revenue streams helps you:

  • Tap into new markets
  • Draw upon a solid portfolio of brands to promote
  • Generate consistent revenue   

5. Request more engaging promotions

The pandemic brought financial hardship to a lot of consumers, which has prompted more frugality in their purchases. According to McKinsey, 40 percent of consumers look for discounts and promotions. When researching, they rely upon your recommendations and reviews — and offering a brand’s incentives specific to your target audience can be extra enticing. 

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