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Agencies play an essential role in the Partnership Economy, and what they do is complex. Agencies manage partnership programs for multiple brands at once across a range of networks and platforms, and they need specialized technology to make their partnership magic happen. 

That’s where Affluent comes in. Affluent is the leading analytics and automation platform designed to help agencies manage partnership programs for brands at scale — and they are now a part of Impact! 

We’re enormously excited about this investment and how it will elevate the Impact experience for our agency clients and multi brand advertisers. We know that as the Partnership Economy grows, more agencies will need smart technology to power diverse partnership types for their clients. 

One partnership control center for the agency

The Affluent toolset enables agencies to:

  • Aggregate partnership data from multiple networks and platforms, 
  • Generate and automate custom reports, and 
  • Optimize clients’ partnerships with publishers, all in a single, easy to use, platform. 

With Affluent, agencies can manage more clients, better optimize performance across clients, improve reporting capabilities, and ultimately increase revenue. Affluent’s agency clients on average have grown their client portfolios by 144%, and the company was only founded in 2017.

Affluent provides an aggregated management dashboard across many brands and partners, providing a very holistic view. For example, if a publisher regularly pushes revenue for a brand but suddenly has a decrease, the user can be alerted to that for analysis.

Affluent has elegantly solved some of the biggest challenges agencies and multi program  brands face when managing a complex partnership portfolio, including:

  • The complexity of affiliate programs. Managing and maintaining affiliate programs is more than just about aggregating data. Searching for advertisers, building affiliate links, writing content, and optimizing campaigns are all a part of the equation that both agencies and publishers deal with day to day. 
  • Fragmented partner relationships. Agencies have to manage publishers across multiple networks. For example, if an agency manages 50 brands, and Forbes is working with 40 of those brands, the agency essentially has to manage 40 individual relationships with Forbes. Affluent’s publisher merging tool enables users to see their whole portfolio’s performance with a publisher across multiple accounts and networks, in a single view. 
  • The need for data aggregation and standardization. Agencies may be working with a multitude of brands that will all have different ways of managing their partners, whether that be striking direct deals with advertisers or using different affiliate networks or SaaS solutions like Impact, Awin, Rakuten, etc. One of Affluent’s biggest selling points is the ability to consolidate and standardize from 100+ networks (for affiliate revenue data), partnership platforms (also for affiliate revenue data), and ad platforms (for acquisition cost data) providing access to all the data and insights in one view.
  • The fact that not every account manager is a data expert. The people who need data don’t always want to spend their time manipulating data. So agencies need easily accessible insights that don’t require a lot of technical training to unlock.

Tellingly, with just 14 employees, the company has been able to add more than 40 of the biggest agencies, including Gen3, OPM Pros, PartnerCentric, and more, to their client roster. 

Affluent provides an aggregated management dashboard across many brands and partners, providing a very holistic view. For example, if a publisher is doing a significant amount of business for one brand but has dramatically fallen off for another, the user can be alerted to that for analysis. 

Partnership automation for all

Impact is committed to advancing a vibrant partnership ecosystem where all stakeholders have the best tools to thrive. Acquiring Affluent gives agencies a world-class solution to manage their client relationships and enables Impact to provide the best technology for all parties in the partnership ecosystem.

To learn more about how Impact companies drive partnership growth via automation, visit Want to know more about growing your partnerships? Contact a growth technologist at 

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