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It’s a new year. We’ve made our resolutions and it’s time to get to work on fulfilling them. We asked members of the Impact team what problems marketers still need to solve for (and what opportunities lie ahead) in 2019. Here’s how they answered:

Mike Head, GM, Radius
The major challenge advertisers need to solve for is diversification away from the duopoly of Facebook and Google. Their costs are increasing along with competition. The winners will find ways to diversify their spend, driving increased transparency, and results. We see opportunities in direct publisher relationships through partnerships, Private Marketplaces (PMPs) and direct programmatic buys.

Wade Crang, VP Strategic Operations & Co-Founder
How to effectively organize teams that focus on different type of performance marketers (i.e. traditional affiliates, business development partners, social influencer, and mobile).

Adam Furness, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
With over 30% of all digital advertising being fraudulent, ad fraud is still going to be a big problem in 2019. In addition, understanding with accuracy what parts of their marketing is working and what isn’t is going to be increasingly important.

Todd Crawford, VP Strategic Initiatives & Co-Founder
I think the biggest problem that marketers need to solve is figuring out what they don’t know. There is so much data out there today, but marketers still struggle to understand it well enough to take action on it. Consequently, there can be big blind spots that marketers are unaware of.

Amit Joshi, Director of Product & Data Science
Fraud from emerging or new channels is still rampant -> specifically in the mobile in-app and CTV/OTT spaces

Jaime Singson, Director, Product Marketing
Smarter marketing analytics. Before marketers make data-informed decisions or look at their KPIs, they need to expunge the distorting effects that invalid and low-value traffic may have on their dashboards and advanced analytics applications

Marketers in enterprises are being asked to be responsible for driving growth, and will need to rely on more than just their traditional tools and channels – leaders from marketing and business development marketers will need to quickly become adept at innovating in the partnership channel to deliver on these expectations  

Maya Shah, Director of Sales Development
Managing data quality will continue to be a top challenge marketers will face coming into the new year. However, with mobile channels only growing, in app fraud is sure to grow as well – making measurement efforts even more so difficult.

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