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April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and this is a big one, because it’s all about taking action against climate change — the biggest challenge ever to the life-support systems that make our world habitable. Environmentally minded consumers will be looking for ways to green up and finding inspiration from eco-friendly influencers online. We’ve gathered a few names for you below, and you can always check out the Partnership Cloud’s award-winning Enhanced Discovery tool to find just-right ambassadors for your brand message.

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Here are some stand-out influencers who use their voices to promote sustainability:

L I N A D I N H: Fashion and travel blogger with a plant-based twist

Priyanka Shah, PA-C: Compassionate living and wellness through cruelty-free Jain vegetarianism

Mahdi Ebrahimi: Celebrating the natural world, its living creatures, and delicious vegan food

Nadine Pougnet: Travel, lifestyle, and tips for sustainable living

The Organic Label: A vegan-oriented review of organic products

VICTORIA HELMUTH: Natural remedies and plant-based eating

Julie Rigal: Irreverent proponent of a plant-based lifestyle

Becky | Copy & Content Creator: Clean beauty, family, home, and sustainable lifestyle

Molly • Organic Lifestyle Blog: Organic beauty, natural baby and child, nontoxic home

Ellen | Ask Away Blog: Earth child and green goddess of home decor, finance, organizing and art 

Johnie Gall: An outdoor adventure lover with a sustainable worldview

Delia | NYC: Mindful beauty, wellness, and sustainability blogger

Karissa Sparke: Treads lightly through slow living, plant-eating lifestyle, and sustainable fashion

Karen Holt: Nature lover who supports ethical, sustainable, and slow living.

M A R I A N A N I C H I F O R: Moscow-based lover of sustainable fashion

Jana: Slovenian brand ambassador for cruelty-free, natural, and organic beauty

Secret Lives of Techno Wives: Socially conscious eco-fashion made with love from recycled plastic

ecoscraps: Composting your food waste into usable, breathable soils and fertilizers

More influencer partnership resources for brands and content creators

Speaking of sustainability, advertisers should be sure to follow these tips for nurturing great partnerships over time.

And if you’re a content creator eager to partner up with sympatico brands, check out our FAQs for influencers, and then apply to the Impact Marketplace in just a few clicks.

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