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As we close out 2018 and look forward to 2019, we asked members of the Impact team what should be on every marketer’s “New Year’s Resolution” list this year? In other words – what should marketers stop or start doing in 2019. Here’s how they answered:

Mike Head, GM, Radius
AR is a real opportunity and becoming mainstream – it should be a prioritization in 2019. Early adopters will be able to deliver strong results by capitalizing on this highly engaging technology.

Wade Crang, VP Strategic Operations & Co-Founder
Stop relying on traditional affiliates. Start thinking about different types of partnerships.

Adam Furness, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
Start building maturity models and understanding where their business is at and where it can go. Start future proofing.. Stop fearing failure and put budget (minimum 10% of total marketing) aside to test, learn and apply.

Todd Crawford, VP Strategic Initiatives & Co-Founder
Stop the status quo and start questioning what you think and know about your marketing data.

Amit Joshi, Director of Product & Data Science
Paying closer attention to the quality of their media buys and move away from only analyzing vanity metrics

Jaime Singson, Director, Product Marketing
Double down on understanding the complexity of the digital advertising space and its underlying metrics, players and technologies, and commit to initiatives that foster greater transparency to improve alignment and collaboration with your agency and publisher stakeholders

Invest in initiatives that develop different types of partnerships beyond your comfort zone – look into emerging partnership models such as influencers, other brands, content providers, mobile apps and other innovative models that drive real, measurable and significant growth

Maya Shah, Director of Sales Development
Break up with the idea of a sales funnel being linear – because it is not. The best in the business are not focusing on channel and/or campaign metrics in a silo – they are understanding the whole picture through the lens of the customer journey. Every marketer going into FY19 should be drawing parallels between their company objectives and the respective points of this journey to achieve optimal outcomes

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