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They don’t just watch football and grill steaks, you know. They also work out, clip coupons, kiss boo-boos, and build pillow forts. Meet some of the most influential dads on social media in our very special Father’s Day roundup. 

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From podcasters to powerlifters, here are some influential dads to get to know:

Dr. ABE إِبْرَآهِيـــــــم: Dad-life, dentistry, and falafel on the side

Mitch Jackson: Justice-minded trial attorney offering opinions and help

Francisco Lachowski: Brazilian-born NYC dad, husband, model, and fitness buff

William Barabas: Physical therapist, powerlifter, and power-dad

Jason Ward: The Instagram home of

Ryan Holtz: Father, husband, and host of a TOP-100 iTunes podcast

Lifeofdad: Celebrating the adventure of fatherhood

Mohamed Sanu Sr.: Pro athlete celebrating family, faith, and football

Mikey Sabadic: Outer Banks kayak charters, fishing photographer, and proud father

Scott McGillivray: The guy from that HGTV show; also a dad, hubby, real estate pro, and contractor

Coupon Dad: Deals, giveaways, and savings

Jblaisphoto: Professional photographer and father of three

Akardon1: Geeky dad into Disney, Marvel, the Muppets, and sports

Fit Dad Fitness Podcast: Encouraging fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children

Felipe: Fourth-grade teacher, landscape photographer, and dad

The Front Row Dad: Podcast for fathers, husbands, and family men

Kyle: The dad with all the deals

Brandonzingale: Cleveland sports, comedy, and lifestyle

JEFF ROSE, CFP®: Faith, fatherhood, and finance

Mike Underwood: Family first, fitness always

Foodness Gracious: Simple, tasty, dad-made food and lifestyle ideas

Joey Price: Dad, HR business owner, and winner of the “The Most Inclusive HR influencer list”

Rob Tayler: Author, brand ambassador, and LGBTQ+ family blogger

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