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It’s no secret that the marketing landscape is undergoing dramatic changes. Today’s marketer has a lot to manage and analyze in order to truly maximize and understand return on ad and marketing spend.

For starters, there’s a ton of unruly and siloed data that makes it challenging to implement smart decisions; a mandate to optimize for multi-touch attribution and the insights that come from it; ad fraud continues to plague all parts of the supply chain; and the desire to manage and truly grow strategic partnerships as a major revenue-producing channel is becoming a bigger priority.

Register now for Impact Growth on May 8 to hear how leading marketers are addressing these challenges and to access insights from martech expert Scott Brinker who will break down 5 key disruptions that are accelerating changes in marketing. Brinker, Editor,, Program Chair, MarTech Conference, and VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot, will discuss the following disruptions and their implications for marketing in his keynote  “5 Key Disruptions Changing Marketing As We Know It” on May 8:

  • New marketing touchpoints that are either digital or digitally-supported.
  • The orchestration of the cross-organizational/cross-team nature of these touchpoints.
  • Marketing is increasingly at the center of this orchestration.
  • Marketing is now embedded in the product (and, vice versa, the product in the marketing).
  • All of which results in a new customer experience as savvy companies disrupt and dislodge their competitors.

Brinker will also address the rise of microservices and APIs, vertical competition, cross-organizational governance, and AI.

“The most exciting disruption underway is what I would call ‘digital transformation’. I know that’s become a cliché phrase. But the coming together of marketing, sales, service, and product under the banner of ‘customer experience’ is truly game-changing,” Brinker tells Impact. “Naturally, that makes sense from the customer’s point-of-view. How much delight or disgust do customers feel across the entire spectrum of engagements they have with your company, from the very first touchpoint onward? Their whole end-to-end experience is the product. I’m really looking forward to having this conversation with the attendees at Impact Growth 2018,” he says.

Struggling with how to solve for unruly and uncleansed data? Looking to trust and make sense of data that’s coming from a variety of sources? Navigating the twists and turns of ad fraud in the supply chain? Trying to figure out how to grow the revenue from your partnerships in an efficient and strategic manner? Register now for Impact Growth on May 8 in New York.

Join more than a dozen marketing leaders including executives from Autodesk, Barkbox, Comet (Cox Media Technology),, Lenovo, Levi Strauss & Co., MoPub (Twitter) Publishers Clearing House, Ticketmaster, and Uber for Impact Growth, a marketing technology summit you can’t afford to miss.

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