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Lorex is a leader in connected video security camera systems for homes, businesses, and anywhere consumers need to watch over the people and property that matter in their lives.

The company works with OPM Pros to manage its affiliate program, which was thriving and growing fast. But because the system was being run on a legacy network, costs were soaring, too.

Lorex wanted an alternative platform that would offer more scalability, reduce costs and provide new insights into partner value. OPM Pros helped the security company migrate to the Impact Partnership Cloud, and the results have been transformative.

Lorex now recruits and pay partners based on value

Partnership Cloud gave Lorex the ability to implement a monthly fixed-price affiliate payment model to support more efficient growth. The team now also has insights into which partners drive upper funnel traffic, so it can recruit and pay partners accordingly. All-told, Lorex’s revenue rose 108% after migrating to Partnership Cloud, and it reduced network fees by six figures. Read the full case study to learn more about how Lorex focused in on value with Impact Partnership Cloud. Want to get results like Lorex? Contact a growth technologist at

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