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The world has turned on its ear with COVID 19, making everyone feel uncertain about many areas of their life, including long-term financial health. So even though things are tough, it could be a great time to partner with smart-money content creators focused on helping consumers and investors make the most of every dollar. We’ve highlighted some of our top personal finance influencers below. Or browse the Partnership Cloud’s Enhanced Discovery function to identify finance-savvy influencers to promote your brand, services, products, or money-saving deals.

Check out the Instagram influencer database

At Impact’s database of more than 60K potential partners, you can discover and recruit content creators not only by category, region, and follower count, but also by engagement and audience quality, whether or not they’re Instagram verified, Alexa rank, and dozens of other criteria. Our discovery tool makes it easy to find partners who are right in line with your business goals and brand image.

For smart money tips and inspiration, consumers look to influencers like these:

Lonnie Wilborn Jr.: Let’s put our money to work and build wealth together!

Ellen | Ask Away Blog: Author of Fixing Your Finances who loves sharing debt-free lifestyle advice

BukkyDare Pay less 2 look good: All about saving you money to look your best

Abhi Golhar | Money Expert: Entrepreneur who helps companies grow faster

Kara Stevens | Finance Blogger: Financial freedom fighter and creator of 60 Days to Slay Sallie Mae Live life on purpose and save money while doing it!

David Investment: Berlin-based finance and investment advisor

Freddy Owen – Get unstuck and start making money online

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: Personal finance expert and travel blogger

His and Her Money®: 100% debt-free couple and money/marriage experts

The Fashionable Accountant: Tips on fashion, finance, travel, and beauty

C O R I: Financially, mentally, and physically fit

Dian Farmer: Blogger sharing tips and tricks to live better on less

Gustavo Almeida Biz Inquires: Let me show you how to build an empire from home

Personal Finance – Millennials: I’ll help you make more, save more, and build wealth

JEFF ROSE, CFP®: Wealth hacker and sneaker head

Family & Finances & Food-Anita: How you can live a rich life on any income

More influencer partnership resources for brands

Advertisers — for more penny-pinching partner ideas, check out our list of bloggers and social influencers focused on digging up deals and discounts. And be sure to read these dos and don’ts for a successful influencer program!

Content creators, join our influencer database

Content creators — Want to maximize your exposure to potential partners?  You can apply to the Impact Marketplace in just a few clicks (see our Influencer FAQs for extra guidance), and we’ll help you connect with top brands looking for a voice like yours. And read why successful lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur Jessica Neistadt thinks you may need a few partners of your own.

For guidance on successful influencer relationships and any other kind of partnership, reach out to a growth technologist now at

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