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The health of the partnership economy depends on transparency between enterprises and their partners, and at Impact, promoting and enabling that transparency is at the heart of what we do.

In keeping with that philosophy, we’re also committed to transparency with our customers and with the industry as a whole—whether it’s about our pricing or our business practices. That’s one reason we’re participating in the IAB UK’s Transparency FAQ initiative

Launched earlier this year, the Transparency FAQ program was developed by the IAB to equip buyers in the digital ad space with a set of standardized questions they can ask suppliers about their operations and attitudes. Having answers makes it easier for buyers to evaluate which companies add the most value to campaigns. 

The IAB’s objective is to nurture a system where the vendors that add the most value are rewarded proportionally, helping to support a sustainable future for digital advertising.

Companies that choose to participate in the FAQ program answer a series of questions related to pricing, placements, and data. All answers are available publicly at the IAB UK website.

Here’s a sample of Impact’s FAQ answers:

Q: Are advertisers permitted to appoint their own third-party partners for verification and measurement?

A: Yes, advertisers are certainly free to use their own verification and measurement providers. We do recommend Forensiq as a fraud verification tool because it is built directly into the Impact Platform and thus provides a more native workflow and streamlined user experience than a third-party tool could. However, we would never require a client to use Forensiq or prohibit the use of a third-party verification or measurement tool.

Q: What insights do you provide back to advertisers?

A: The Partnership Cloud provides insights at the consumer, ad, product, partner, and channel levels.

  • Consumer-level insights include a chronological list of each marketing touchpoint for each conversion
  • Ad-level insights include the performance and usage of each offer, ad, and voucher code
  • Product-level insights include the performance of each product/SKU in your catalogue, as well as breakdowns of how conversion paths for each product differ from aggregate conversion paths
  • Partner-level insights include the aggregate lifetime value (LTV), purchase behaviour, and device usage of customers driven by each partner
  • Channel-level insights include breakdowns of how often each partner is credited for conversions they participated in driving, and how partners and other marketing channels interact in customers’ paths to purchase

Q. How do you access inventory, and which platforms do you use?

A. Partners own their own inventory. Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ facilitates the workflow between brand, agency, and partner, assisting in the complex activity of:

  • Helping brands and agencies to discover that inventory
  • Tracking impressions and clicks of that inventory
  • Facilitate creative deployment to that inventory
  • Reporting on the performance of that inventory, including customer journey analytics to show what role partners played in delivering the desired action
  • Verification and fraud protection

 You can review all of Impact’s Transparency FAQ answers here. 

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