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Independent trade publication Martech Record just released the results of a survey of North American marketing professionals about the partnership management technology they know, use, and prefer. Big reveal? The platform ranked consistently at the top across the board.

The publication surveyed 135 marketers from agencies, brands, and publishers with an average of 10 years of marketing experience. Respondents were responsible for marketing programs of all sizes and across verticals from retail to telecom; 14% managed programs of at least $100 million.



What the survey revealed about what marketers value

Key findings include:

83.7% have used

The great majority of survey respondents have actually used the platform at some point in their careers. That’s 10% more than any other platform on the list and a solid indicator that the survey is based on real-world experience.

Agencies, brands, and publishers are unanimous

When panelists were asked questions related to awareness, consideration, and preference,  including “…if you had to select one platform…,” topped the list for all groups. For brands and agencies, was named nearly twice as often as any other platform. 

#1 for technology and ease of use

When agency and brand professionals were asked to rank various features of the platforms they had actually used, swept the rankings for overall technology and ease of use. Responses were based on workflows such as on set up and integration, finding and activating partnerships, reporting, and payments.

A stand-out for DTC and subscription brands

According to the report, panelists called out in particular as a good fit for subscription and direct-to-consumer brands and their agencies. You can find some great examples of those here

Martech Record is an independent trade publication covering the intersection of marketing, content, commerce with a focus on partner marketing. It produces industry analysis, publishes best practices, and reviews products and services. See the full report here.

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