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When you think partnerships, you think B2C, don’t you? But partnerships and partnership automation are crushing it in the B2B sector, too. Just ask SaaS innovator Zenefits, whose partnerships routinely deliver triple the ROAS of its pay-per-click programs and are a core source of new business. And by automating partnership management, the company was able to expand its program by 96% in a single quarter. You can read the full story here, but here are the highlights.

A strong partnership program outgrows its spreadsheets

Zenefits is a tech innovator in the HR world with a proven and savvy biz-dev approach to partnerships. Their partnership team has been very successful over the years at building solid relationships with other businesses, publishers, consultants, and agencies to keep their new business pipeline strong.

While they were getting great results, they were also beginning to feel constrained by manual processes. Tasks like manually attributing each lead to a referring partner, cutting checks one by one, and keeping spreadsheets updated simply weren’t scalable, and the team had less and less time left for new partner recruitment.

Zenefits knew that if they wanted to continue growing, they had to automate, and they chose Impact as their technology platform to do it.

Growth explodes with Impact Partnership Cloud

Starting first with existing partnerships and then with recruiting and onboarding, Zenefits automated and streamlined its entire partnership program in a way that was personalized yet scalable. 

By automating its partnerships, Zenefits was able to: 

  • Expand recruitment by adopting one-to-many custom messaging
  • Garner strong open rates by segmenting audiences and sending automated follow-ups 
  • Grow lead volume by 96% between Q1 and Q2
  • Achieve ROAS 3X higher than that of their paid search channel

Zenefits already had the people and processes in place to find great partners and drive results, but they needed the third pillar, technology, to grow. By adding technology to the mix, they were able to accelerate growth and fill their sales pipeline with high-quality leads and opportunities. Want to automate your partnerships and see growth surge like Zenefits did? Read the full case study or contact a growth technologist at

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