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Whether you’re actively trying to grow your partnership program or just want to connect with an intriguing up-and-coming influencer, shooting off an email is likely your first instinct. It’s familiar, and it’s an easy way to conduct outreach for recruiting and ongoing engagement. But if you’re only using email, you may be closing off channels that may be more effective in getting partners’ attention.

More communication channels, more response

Social influencers and other kinds of brand ambassadors reach their audiences through a wide array of channels, including YouTube, websites, Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr, Pinterest, TikTok, mobile apps, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and more. They live in a multichannel world, and taking a multichannel approach may be the ticket to sparking a new relationship. What’s more, the more your target partners fall into the millennial and Gen Z category, the more communication channels they’re likely tuned in to. While it’s a myth that they don’t use email, it’s a reality that they are just as comfortable responding to comments on a video or blog post.

With Partnership Cloud Discovery, you can not only surface high-quality influencer partners of all types and sizes, you can also discover partners by the channels they specialize in. Especially if you’re not getting great response from your emails, those channels might be a better place to strike up a conversation. 

Here are a few alternate communication channels to consider:

  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s InMail is often a less cluttered alternative to traditional email and provides an effective environment for professional communication.
  • Comments. Bloggers and influencers live and breathe in the social universe. Often the best way to get their attention is by posting comments on their blogs, posts and tweets
  • Skype/phone. Yes, pick up that phone. Sometimes, when a relationship is important. enough, your partner warrants a conversation rather than an endless email thread. Or if you’re more SMS-inclined, shoot them a text message.
  • Social groups. Partners may be active participants in related Facebook groups, forums, and other communities. Get their attention there.
  • Direct messaging. Have a quick chat with them on their favored instant messaging app – whether it’s Slack, Whatsapp, Hangouts, or something else.

Sometimes old school is the way to go . . . 

And if you want to really stand out? Find a stamp. Andy McCune, cofounder of Unfold, was quoted in Digiday’s youth edition about reaching digital-first audiences with analog methods like direct mail. “It’s a territory that’s not being touched at all. Too many brands are too busy trying to play games on the same playground: the internet.” This Instagram influencer can show you the snail mail ropes.

Most importantly, mix it up a little. And this goes for both prospects and current partners.  Try picking up the phone and calling some of your partners. Read your partners’ blog posts or social feed, and respond to some of them. Trying something new is a great way to find opportunities, enrich relationships, and make connections you might not otherwise.

For more ways to freshen up your partner outreach habits, get our eBook: 4 misconceptions that fuel bad partner outreach programs. Then reach out  to an Impact growth technologist to get your partnership program growing. Email is fine with us:

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