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Sports-lovers community PlayersVoice hit the partnership jackpot: They discovered organically that their athletes were driving great engagement for brand partners by sharing content via social media channels. 

But when it came time to “productize” and scale this newly germinated influencer program, its partnership team quickly got overloaded, and “things went pear-shaped.” That’s according to Lucy Wadsworth, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at PlayersVoice. 

So how do you turn spontaneous, authentic partnership opportunities into scalable and sustainable programs that drive growth? In a great panel discussion Impact hosted at AdvertisingWeek APAC , Wadsworth and top execs from Ticketmaster and Kayo Sports shared their experiences and offered up advice for “getting real” with partnerships. 

Here are some of their top tips:

  • Focus on partnerships that create value for both parties and for your customers.
  • Be creative when looking for new partners—and create a diverse program with many different types of partners.
  • Build partnerships on trust, focusing on transparency from the start about what the campaign goals are and how success will be measured. 

As for PlayersVoice? Their story has a happy ending. Discover how they used technology to accelerate their partnership program in this video from AdvertisingWeek APAC

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