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Established partnership programs drive faster revenue growth and better business outcomes. Evaluate your program’s maturity and growth potential through a 16-question quiz, and gain insights from Forrester’s study or Impact’s guidance at

Maturity Quiz
Matt Moore
Matt Moore
Associate Manager of Product Marketing
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Solid industry research shows that companies with the most mature partnership programs leave everyone else in the dust, growing revenue twice as fast and performing higher on a host of business metrics. What’s more, your program can be assessed for its maturity based on specific aspects at different points in the life cycle.

Could you be growing a lot faster? 

Try out our new partnership maturity quiz to get an objective score for your program. In just 16 multiple-choice questions, you can assess how you rank on the maturity scale and identify opportunities to boost ROI.

Example of Gold Partnership status (find out recommendations too!):

Find out more about partnership maturity metrics

Learn more about how robust partnerships drive growth in this commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. Or brush up your partnership skills with your own personal tutor from Impact — find yours at

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