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Four walls closing in on you a bit? Maybe it’s time for a little jump-start. The Impact APAC team recently partnered with Funlocka to create a four-part webinar series offering support and inspiration to our customers and partners working from home. 

The “Create Impact” webinars were hugely popular, so we wanted to make sure our entire partnership community could take part, learn something new, de-stress, and maybe even laugh a little. 

Our “Create Impact” masterclass series covered topics ranging from maintaining focus and productivity to building mental resilience and living more sustainably during the pandemic and beyond. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from our four expert presenters:

How to master your energy levels and productivity while working from home, with TEDx speaker and human performance consultant, Sean Hall

Every business needs a little show business: How to get the X-Factor, with the highly entertaining communication Queen, Maz

Mental resilience: How to develop the focus of a warrior and the clarity of a monk, with author and consultant, Kamal Sarma

Sustainability: How to live a more giving, planet-friendly and replenishing lifestyle, with Dr. Tia Kansara

Enjoy the videos and be safe. We will get through this together!

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