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In today’s data-saturated world, the trick is to hone in quickly on the metrics that matter to you. That’s exactly what the Impact Radius reporting dashboard does. When you spend all day running from one task to the next, you may just want the key takeaways presented up front.

Right when you log into Impact Radius, you’ll see a snapshot of your KPIs. Most users have a Performance by Media report above the fold, with metrics like clicks, actions, costs, revenue and conversion rate. You can compare two periods for quick analysis of how you’re trending against last month, last year, etc. There are various widgets you can arrange how you like. They include: campaign goal progress, financial status, new media partner applications, upcoming deadlines, and reports like Performance by Channel, Device and Ad. Just choose what you want and drag and drop.

Of course, we all have different roles and goals – one user’s trash is another’s potpourri! The Impact Radius dashboard is customizable by user, so each team member can configure their space – your data analyst can put key performance reports front and center, Finance can focus on the balance forecast, and an affiliate manager can concentrate on new media partner recruitment.

We fancy ourselves to be pretty innovative at Impact Radius and every few weeks we release new features. When we do, you’ll see a notification right on the dashboard, with a link to an overview on how to use them and why they benefit you.

In the age of big data, our reporting dashboard is your trusty command center. When you want to check-in quick on your campaign, look no further – you’ll see where your KPIs are at and come away with clear, actionable insights.

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