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It’s no secret that a compelling advertising offer like discounts, gifts with purchases or rebates can fuel success in the affiliate channel. However, many advertisers find them hard to manage and control. That’s why the Impact Radius platform gives you powerful tools to manage promotions or “deals.”

The control starts at deal creation; you can set a deal scope for the entire store, a specific category or individual product. Discounts can be a fixed dollar amount off or a percentage off (with options for fixed percent, percent range and percent maximum). You can associate a deal with any number of ads and promo codes so that media partners looking at your available ads and promo codes will see the connected deal details. Media partners often choose to promote deals to get higher conversion rates. Using Impact Radius, media partners can subscribe to an advertiser’s deal feed to get notified of any promotions as they are made available.

Limited-time offers are effective because they create an incentive for customers to act now. Impact Radius allows you to restrict a deal to certain media partners or media partner groups so you can offer exclusives. You can also set an optional expiration date on a deal so that all associated ads and promo codes automatically expire when the deal does.

Our latest feature update included a new deal type for “Buy One Get One” offers. We also added the ability to specify more deal details, such as a limit on maximum savings, a purchase limit on a product, and seasonality (holidays, seasons and special times of the year like Black Friday).

Promotions are a win-win for you and your partners as they typically increase conversions. With the right technology, you can manage your deals in a time-efficient manner and achieve awesome results.

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