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Scheduling automatic notifications is a great time-saver and ensures you don’t miss important updates to your Impact Radius account. Our platform allows you to specify various settings regarding what you want to hear about, how often and in what medium.

You can specify the day of the week, time and email address for your notifications. You can also get SMS notifications to your phone. Notifications can be sent when an event occurs, as a daily list of aggregated alerts or as a weekly digest.

Some of our users prefer to get a weekly digest delivered to their inbox every Monday morning with performance alerts from the past week and events that require action. Advertisers may have new Media Partner applications or ad requests to review. Media Partners may have a new campaign proposal or code for a new ad. You can also set notifications for payment processing, balance status, insertion order negotiations and action inquiries.

Impact Radius also gives you the ability to set custom notifications for monitoring partner performance and potential fraudulent activity. Using our simple (yet powerful) rule builder, you can set alerts for key trends regarding clicks, actions, revenue, costs and more, for specific ads, campaigns and partners, even comparing week over week with the previous year if you’d like.

Maybe you want to set an alert for a weekly revenue drop of 10%. Perhaps you’ve made some optimization changes to your landing page and want to know if the conversion rate rises 2%. Our latest update to the platform included new filters to apply these kinds of rules to specific Media Partner Groups, Media Sources and Media Types. If you have Media Manager, the Media Type filter allows you to differentiate between Media Partners and Media Sources.

Fraud alerts will let you know of any suspicious activities with your campaigns. Examples that might trigger an alert are multiple actions from the same IP address, too short of a click to action time and no referring URL.

Spend a little time to set the notifications that matter to you. You’ll then save yourself a lot more time as you go about your day-to-day. Key notifications come to you, keeping you informed and making you more efficient.

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