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So what will be the big trends in 2019 for digital marketers? Here’s what some of our Impact team had to say…

Mike Head, GM, Radius
With 41% of US consumers owning a connected speaker, up from 21% in 2017, this will be the year for connected devices. Brands and digital marketers now have unparalleled access to consumers in their own home. Partners and brands that are able leverage this newer channel effectively will have the most direct line to the consumer in the history of marketing.

Wade Crang, VP Strategic Operations & Co-Founder
Expanding the scope of affiliate teams to actively pursue performance based relationships beyond traditional affiliates.  Being more data driven in assessing the value of each partnership.

Adam Furness, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific
Outcome Economy will come into fruition how are they going to take advantage?

Todd Crawford, VP Strategic Initiatives & Co-Founder
Partner marketing will be seen as the primary lever for expanding sales for brands over search (google) and social media (facebook). Partner marketing has matured and expanded dramatically in 2018 and for many brands is already their best performing channel. More and more brands are leveraging this channel to create business development and B2B partnerships to drive more reach, revenues, and value. 

Amit Joshi, Director of Product & Data Science
Unification of buying centers on the advertiser side (performance and ad tech teams working more closely together). On the verification side this drives the need for full funnel verification

Jaime Singson, Director, Product Marketing
Demands for transparency increase – more and more advertisers will seek better visibility into how much of their media budgets are spent on fraud, non-viewable and brand unsafe buys. The Partnership Channel will move to the forefront and will transform the perception of marketing as an indirect influencer of growth to a direct catalyst of enterprise growth. There will be an explosion of interconnectedness between apps, as app-to-app driven traffic will help fuel the mobile commerce revolution    

Maya Shah, Director of Sales Development
With mobile on track to generate the majority of e-commerce revenue in the very near future – it’s more important now than ever that digital marketers are not only ever-present on mobile, but that they are operating in fully functional, user friendly apps and are able to engage customers with a mobile-first strategy

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