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In the United States, we celebrate our mothers on May 10. In the UK, it was back in March. But let’s face it, on any given day, moms rule, not only our hearts, but also a whole lot of spending decisions. And when moms need answers, ideas, and connection, they look first to other moms — like those you’ll find here in our Mother’s Day roundup. 

Parents, caregivers, decision-makers, and heads-of-household come in all genders and have diverse titles, of course, and with Partnership Cloud’s Enhanced Discovery function, you can find influential partners that speak (using inside voices) to your audience and align with your brand.

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Now eat your veggies, do your homework, and meet a few of our top picks among content-creating moms:

Adanna Dill:  Award-winning blogger and mom-encourager from NYC

Nicolle Loughman: Disney- and coffee-obsessed mom of three crazy boys

lindyjboymom: Life and breastfeeding with babies and toddlers

Kira O.: Motherhood and lifestyle from the original Afropolitan Mom

Mel Larson: Christian mom blogger and less-is-more evangelist

Ashley Rose: Parenthood, parties, and DIY decor

Meghan Tucker: Homeschooling, foster parenting, travel, style, and more

Shay Sweeney: Christian lifestyle and travel blogger

Sara: Sharing food, creative ideas, travel adventures, and family fun

jackiebuchanan: Christian corporate mom turned homeschool mom

Sarah Fortune: Working mom and travel lover from Arkansas

Leslie Bruce: NYT-bestselling author and hot mess motherhood expert

Rae: Graphic designer, stylist, and mom of five in Seattle

Angie Ramirez: Crafty mom of two from SoCal

Liz Adams: On wellness, fitness and being a cool mom

lisa_elizabeth3: Wisdom, caffeine, and parenting kids with autism

Siddhi Gupta: Part silky, part crunchy lifestyle and mom life

Tammy Grabel: Mom of two and magician’s wife in Vegas

Valerie Smith: Bringing up a baby girl and four-legged kids

Brittany Bertuzzi: Sports-crazed mom from Houston

Kortney Campbell: Satya philosophy, homeschooling, and more

Christine: momming, travel, fashion, beauty, and balance

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