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We caught up with two Impact Radius employees fresh from Affiliate Summit East and asked them what impressed them most about one of this year’s biggest conferences:

1. Attendees are becoming more informed.
I was expecting high-level questions from attendees similar to what I have experienced in my previous Affiliate Summit trips. I was pleasantly surprised that many advertisers are now beginning to ask increasingly detailed and strategic questions about how to run a fully optimized affiliate program. It’s very clear that advertisers have begun to question the value each affiliate relationship provides to their overall marketing strategy. These questions show that advertisers are realizing that it is no longer sufficient to simply focus on a small piece of the puzzle in their affiliate channels. We’re happy to see that advertisers are asking for more from both their technology and their service providers.

2. The Summit session topics are increasingly informative and timely.
Mobile still reigns as the hottest topic. Discussions covered everything from mobile ad campaigns, optimization, and legal risk. With the affiliate industry constantly growing and expanding, heavy industry hitters such as Jay Berkowitz, Rae Hoffman-Dolan, and our own Todd Crawford spoke on topics ranging from best practices for entering the affiliate industry to successfully taking your affiliate program global.

3. Standard practices are evolving.
Standard practices such as last click crediting, technology and services from the same company, and limited reporting on KPIs are now being appropriately questioned. I overheard and took part in many conversations that included questions such as “what’s the best way to optimize programs and maximize my ROAS” and “is there a conflict of interest when my technology provider manages the services on the account?” Questions like these are challenging solution providers in the affiliate industry to be increasingly innovative and supply better products. At Impact Radius, questions like these are steps in the right direction for the entire industry and we welcome the continual demand for innovation.

Did you make it to Affiliate Summit East 2015? Comment below and share with us what made your conference experience.

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