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Hey affiliate, influencer, and partnership professionals, take a look at what your peers are reading. This content has helped tens of thousands of partnership professionals grow their revenue — let it help you too! Check out the five most-read pieces from the past quarter. 

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Ultimate guide to affiliate marketing

Strategies that worked in affiliate marketing just a few years ago might no longer be ideal. Whether someone is a newbie or a seasoned expert, people want to overcome the changes that the channel has gone through in recent years. This ultimate guide to affiliate marketing will set anyone on the right path and teaches you the basics of how to get the best out of the channel. 

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How to manage a successful affiliate program today

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since the days of coupons and deal sites — and consequently, knowing how to effectively manage your programs is vastly different too. So it’s no surprise that people have been reading this comprehensive guide to find out how to maximize their results at each stage of the partnership life cycle. 

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14 top benefits of partnerships

When 400+ partnership pros were asked about the benefits of partnerships, people were curious to hear what they had to say.  The experts said partnerships delivered astounding results such as increase in revenue, growth in brand awareness, and much more. In this interactive infographic, discover the 14 top benefits of partnerships, according to the experts.

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Love-Bonito-case study


Love, Bonito scales international partnerships for 1,700% growth

Before automation, Love, Bonito needed a way to connect with international audiences. They knew that partnerships were the pathway to global growth. Once the team began using’s platform, managing cross-border partners was easy and efficient. Want to find out how Love, Bonito grew confident in scaling its partnerships forward? Read this case study. 

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Advertising is dead 

Traditional advertising has taken a hit. Advertising’s demise has been declared and people want to know why. Advertising is dead shows how we’ve reached the tipping point, with adblocker usage up, consumer trust plummeting, and cookies crumbling, just to start. Discover how partnerships leverage consumer trust, empowering businesses to defy the revenue death left in advertising’s wake.

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Do you like murder mysteries? Play the game and find out who killed advertising 

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