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Forrester Research has a particular approach to traditional cost/benefit analysis. Using their unique Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) methodology, they enable companies to quantify the tangible value of technology platforms. The goal for TEI is to get real-world results, but the model works by creating an imaginary company that represents the composite of the organizations interviewed. Here’s how they did it when looking at Impact’s Partnership Cloud.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Impact’s Partnership Cloud lays out the benefits, costs, flexibility and risks associated with investing in partnership automaton with Impact. 

To gather data, Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with five real customers who are currently using the Partnership Cloud. Below is a look at the five anonymized companies: 

Here’s where things get really interesting. Forrester then used the data gathered from these customer interviews to create a composite “Organization” that illustrates the quantifiable benefits and costs of investing in Impact’s Partnership Cloud.

Meet the Organization in the Total Economic Impact study

Forrester’s composite Impact customer is a global enterprise conducting business in the B2C and/or B2B arenas. The enterprise decided to invest in Impact’s Partnership Cloud three years ago. Prior to using Impact, the Organization struggled with disparate systems, manual workflows, and myriad legacy technologies that failed to effectively manage the end-to-end partner lifecycle. 

The Organization found it increasingly difficult to sustain its growth through traditional sales and marketing channels — and these are mature and highly competitive channels for customer acquisition. 

The Organization selected Impact Partnership Cloud with the following goals in mind:

  • Drive more revenue growth through partnerships
  • Efficiently and globally scale partnership programs
  • Expand the breadth of partnership types
  • Broaden the scope of partnerships
  • Achieve partnership program execution process improvement and time savings
  • Consolidate partnership activities on a single vendor platform
  • Achieve maximum flexibility and easy workflows for managing coupon, rewards, loyalty, and cashback site partners, as well as other eCommerce partners
  • Gauge the true value that each influencer partner contributes to a conversion, as well as the true influence of their program against other marketing channels
  • Deliver flexible electronic contracting, powerful tracking, and automated payment processing 

Bottom-line results for the Organization (and real Impact customers!)

In just six months, the Organization was getting a payback from its investment in the Impact Partnership Cloud. After three years, it was seeing sensational bottom-line business benefits, including:

  • Growth in partnership revenue and profit 
  • Labor efficiencies 
  • Savings from discovering and recruiting partners
  • 314% ROI overall

Learn more about the ROI and other benefits of the Partnership Cloud

To learn more about Forrester’s methodology and the phenomenal revenue potential of the Partnership Cloud, download the full report. And to see results like this for your business, contact a growth technologist at

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