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Have you ever seen more marketing and media channels than there are?today? The digital universe is on fire with new channels, platforms, and apps coming online all the time ? not to mention offline channels that are being deployed in new and different ways. CMOs and other senior marketers are struggling to maintain visibility across a complex multi-channel domain with many touchpoints.?

How does this impact your marketing team? For one thing, data from various online and offline channels is siloed and fragmented across teams, agencies, and stakeholders that all require visibility into the meaning of the data and actionable insights that can be derived from it. A system of record can help untangle the data, cleanse it, organize it, and offer a unified view of your customer.?

Our latest eBook, Four Ways to Win With a System of Record, addresses how a system of record can help your organization answer questions?using data.

A?marketing system of record can help eliminate hours spent on reconciling cross-channel marketing data, handles the automated calculation and generation of KPIs, dashboards, scorecards, and reports that are critical to running a modern data-driven marketing organization.?When marketers have complete access and control over their marketing data, they can rightfully claim true data ownership and make decisions that truly move the needle on their business goals.

These are the immediate benefits, but beyond these important advantages there are other, powerful, long-term benefits that accrue from deploying a marketing system of record.?To learn more about the benefits of a marketing SOR and setting one up in your organization, take a look at our?eBook.

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