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I introduced you to Phylicia last week. I spent the next few days considering how to best facilitate her educational journey. She’s wondering where to begin. And I’m wondering where to begin.

Our challenge is figuring out what information she needs to know but doesn’t already.

I decided we need a method for learning. I remember a technique about creating a course of action by “Planning with Questions.” (I think Robert Kiyosaki deserves credit for this approach, but I honestly don’t remember where I heard or read it.)

Questions are sometimes as revealing as answers. For example, in an interview I always note the quality of questions asked by a candidate. And “no questions” indicates a lot as well.

So, I gave Phylicia the assignment of posing questions she had about online marketing. I also suggested she include any questions about Impact Radius’ technology products.

Here’s Phylicia’s list:

  1. How do I prove the value of my media buying for channels like display, social or mobile?
  2. Which of my marketing channels and programs warrant the most effort and/or investment? What information should guide my decisions?
  3. I overheard a conversation where a customer told one of our customer service representatives: “We’re considering limiting (and possibly eliminating) coupons and discounts from our marketing campaigns.” What are the basic arguments for and against this course of action?
  4. I hear a lot about Tag Management. What is it? And, remember, I’m a non-technical marketer.
  5. How can I track whether or not media and programs that started offline and moved online generated results? For example — event sponsorships?
  6. What’s the difference between mobile and online? Aren’t they pretty much the same thing?
  7. I hear the description “Performance Marketing” — and I think to myself — shouldn’t all marketing be performance? How do you define it?

A place to begin!

Over the next few weeks, Phylicia will respond to each of her own questions by writing a blog post. It will take some research to arrive at the answers. Our hope is that Phylicia’s responses to her questions will present everyone (industry veterans and other newbies alike) with a fresher look at the basics.

If you have an opinion or want to support her efforts, let us know. Comment or email or call us! The more involved, the merrier the journey.

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