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Mobile fraud has steadily been making gains in the performance space and Lemmonet, a multi-channel performance ad platform, was determined to rid its ad inventory of fraud. Back in 2016, when it noticed that mobile fraud was hitting the performance space hard, Lemmonet decided to take action specifically against mobile performance fraud.

Lemmonet engaged with Forensiq and its technology was integrated to score clicks and mobile app installs. Forensiq began filtering out risky traffic before consumers installed their apps. In the first month of using Forensiq, Lemmonet noticed large incidences of fraud from a few partners. Relying on Forensiq, Lemmonet worked with its partners to reduce the incidence of mobile fraud in the traffic they were sending.

Once it filtered out fraudulent traffic at the pre-install phase, Lemmonet found its traffic quality substantially improved. In fact, Lemmonet reported that with 200 million clicks scored per month, it saw an 86% reduction in click fraud and an 87% reduction in install fraud since it started using ?Forensiq.

By taking a stand against mobile performance fraud, Lemmonet has become more knowledgeable about fraud overall, and as a result, is able forge stronger relationships with advertisers to help grow their business.

Check out our case study on Lemmonet?s experience.

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