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We’ve been up to big things here at Impact Radius.

Giving back is a big deal here at Impact Radius. In our 7th year, we are global — with offices in Cape Town, London, New York and Santa Barbara, we have top-tier clients, and are consistently working to surpass personal and company goals. In short, we have a lot to be thankful for. We have no doubt that we wouldn’t be able to achieve everything we are today without the communities around the world that have supported us. While our employees and offices regularly give back through community volunteering and involvement, we are ready to impact the world at an even larger scale. Here at Impact Radius we have decided to develop an initiative we can be proud of, and so was born the Impact Radius Greater Good Initiative.

This is the first installment of our new blog series that will follow the evolution and ultimate culmination of our inaugural venture to give back. Let’s dive in and take a look at what the IR Greater Good Initiative is all about:

What is the Impact Radius Greater Good Initiative?

First things first, what is the Impact Radius Greater Good Initiative? The IR Greater Good Initiative is Impact Radius’ promise to donate a significant and specific portion of Impact Radius’ annual revenue to a non-governmental organization (NGO) at the conclusion of 2015. The fund began accumulating in January 2015 and will run until January 2016, so there is definitely still time to take part!

Who is this NGO?

That’s the exciting part, we don’t know yet!

Who will decide?

Impact Radius is global so we think it should be a global decision of course! A committee has been selected that includes members from every office, keeping the conversation and decision dynamic.

What types of NGOs are being considered for the IR Greater Good Initiative?

With countless NGOs around the world, we’ve had to start the selection process somewhere. An evaluation framework was created early on to help keep our objectives clear in this process. In part, the framework helps the committee understand the NGO’s and Impact Radius’ ultimate joint impact, taking into account everything from the direct socioeconomic impact, the transparency of the organization and the ability to address the cause at hand. The ultimate goal of the evaluation framework is to help guarantee that Impact Radius will be pairing with organizations that make sure every dollar given makes as large of an impact as it possibly can.

What does the process look like?

The first step was to decide between NGOs that worked on topical issues and NGOs that worked at fixing root problems. We decided we would move forward by considering only those NGOs that aim to solve or alleviate root problems.

Next, we needed to determine which root causes were most important to Impact Radius and our employees. With so many worthy causes it was very difficult to select just three root causes to move forward with. With that being said, the three root causes the committee chose to focus on are: education, hunger, and energy.

The Impact Radius Greater Good Committee will research specific NGOs with missions that address these topics. Once an initial group of 30 is decided, a more comprehensive assessment will begin. Our committee will employ a maximum good evaluation framework, to narrow down the list to just 10 final partnership opportunities.

These 10 will progress to the interview process for further review. The IR Greater Good Initiative is not just about selecting a NGO for a simple funding donation, we want it to be the beginning of a two-way relationship, so this part of the process is key. The NGOs will have an opportunity to equally interview Impact Radius to see if we are mutually a great fit for each other and that our goals equally align.

After this interview process, the intra-office committee will hold a company-wide meeting to present the NGO short list for company-wide feedback. It’s very important for us at Impact Radius that everyone has a vote as we move forward with all company decisions.

After the 10 are selected, we will be excited to move forward with mutually choosing a partner.

Where are we currently in the process?

The IR Greater Good Committee is currently working on building the initial list of about 30 NGOs working in the fields of education, hunger alleviation, or energy. If you have an NGO in mind that would be a great fit, please comment below!

What can you do?

We want your input! The IR Greater Good Initiative is all about building and strengthening community involvement, so we want to hear from you. Comment below or email us at with the names of NGOs that you would like to see us work with. Already submitted your vote? Awesome, stay tuned for what’s next!

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