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This week we sat down with Impact Onboarding Specialist Sanja Oosthuizen for the inside scoop on some of the lesser know features on the Impact platform.

This is what we learned:

You can create your own custom report

Impact provides extremely granular data and we have created reports for day-to-day use. However, you also have the ability to create your own custom report within the UI. You are able to easily build a report that provides all the data points you need using the Action Listing Export (for Advertisers) and Advanced Action Listing (Media Partners) reports. Simply add or remove the data points that are not included in your default settings. You can do this by accessing the options available in the filter dropdowns. Configure the filters and run the report for a specified period.

You now have everything you might need. Ready to focus in on more specific data points? Not a problem. Click on the arrows in the column headers to disable the data points you may no longer need. You can customize your layout by selecting the arrows and dragging them to where you would like them to reside – making everything about your report completely customized for you. Once the report is exactly the way you want it, click on Save or Schedule. The report will be stored to your user account and available whenever needed. Fast, simple, and everything you need to see.

Direct Tracking

Bloggers do not necessarily have the functionality to add tracking code on their website, but you want to credit them for the traffic they drive. Impact Radius offers a great feature called Direct Tracking. An Advertiser can set this up for individual partners to tell the system to look for specific referring URLs, landing page URLs or unique identifying parameters that are passed. By configuring this, the system knows to credit the blogger for specific traffic.


Stay in the know and set up your notification features. Both Advertisers and Media Partners can set up their own custom performance notifications at the user level – or make it available to all account users. Click on your account name > Notifications > Custom Notifications > configure the details and rules. You will be notified if these rules are triggered.

Normal notifications can also be configured here – specify what you want to be notified of and what not.

Read the New Release updates

Every release makes new and exciting features available to both Media Partners and Advertisers. Read the release notification (available in your account) or the regularly scheduled emails we send. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Support or your Account Manager for details on how to use/enable a new feature. Who knows, it might be something you requested 🙂

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