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Men’s grooming trailblazer Harry’s Shave Club is all-in when it comes to partnerships, so they treat their partnership programs like any other vital sales channel—and that means measurement, measurement, and more measurement.
We sat down with David Bakey, VP of Harry’s Direct-to-Consumer business, to hear how Impact’s technology fits into their partnership program and has helped them achieve incredible YoY revenue growth. Hear how Harry’s relies on partnerships to engage upper-funnel consumers and relies on Impact to assess the bottom-line results.

A cut above the rest: Better measurement. Better results. Better partnerships. 

Is a partner relationship bringing in paying customers? Do those customers buy once or become loyalists? With Impact, Harry’s can track which partnerships are delivering the most LTV and invest accordingly. What’s more, the Impact platform helps them cultivate the partnerships they really want, customize win-win terms, and create incentivized payment structures to optimize every relationship. 

“It’s important to us to pay partners based on the value of customers that they’re driving,” says Bakey. “With Impact, we can use a dynamic of chained commission events to pay people a certain amount based on the number of transactions that they drive for us versus paying everybody a lump sum for only the very first transaction.”

Watch the video below or here to learn why Harry’s partnership programs are so successful.

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