Feature Focus: Product Listings

Introducing our latest update to the Impact Radius platform – there is a new page that lists an advertiser’s products. This provides a convenient way for media partners to quickly scan an advertiser’s inventory and find products to promote.

The new Products screen automatically populates from an advertiser’s product catalog file. It provides images, descriptions, pricing and campaigns. Best of all, with the click of a button an affiliate can grab a tracking link for a product to start promoting. Affiliates can also select the products they’re interested in and download a file with tracking links if desired – this helps them find relevant products and grab just the ones they need.

Product catalogs may also still be uploaded/retrieved via API, FTP or direct upload/download for those that prefer. Another cool update we made gives advertisers the ability to edit individual products via API rather than having to upload a big file with their whole catalog.

Happy promoting. Feel free to share any feedback.

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