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2015 was a big year for marketers, as well as Impact Radius!  Join us at we take a look back at our favorite topics of 2015.

As expected, 2015 was the year of mobile, but it shared the limelight with many topics that could not — and would not — be ignored. Adblocking, the growing importance of cross-channel marketing, online ad fraud, and the uncertainty of programmatic media all challenged and grew the marketing industry.  While these topics were correctly on the mind of most marketers, there were many others that, while garnering less attention, were in many ways much more important for industry stakeholders. Here are some of our favorite topics and take-aways of 2015:

Pro Tips for Working with Your YouTube Affiliates

2016 has been slated as the year of video marketing. Are you ready? YouTube affiliates are the rising stars of the CPA partner space. These special partners can promote your products in effective ways to their (sometimes massive) followings. This blog post shows you how.

Why Big Data is Still a Big Deal

It’s true that when certain terms like Big Data get overused, people can begin to discount terms.  So why is Big Data a big deal for marketers?

Discovering the Hidden Value in Your Affiliate Channel

Todd Crawford shows us how to uncover hidden value in the affiliate channel. There’s often more to the story than what we see on the surface.

5 Steps to Successfully Build a Data-Driven Marketing Organization

2015 showed us that merely attempting to understand analytics is no longer enough. Moving into 2016, it’s clear that having the right team to understand Big Data and marketing analytics is a major priority. Impact Radius CEO Per Pettersen shows us 5 steps to successfully unlock your team’s data potential, and build an efficient data-driven marketing team.

Proven Ways to Drive In-Store Sales from Online

The growth of online traffic and sales has been astonishing over the past year. With online marketing channels usually serving as the first touch-point on consumer journeys, we demonstrate why it’s essential to drive customers from online interest, to in-store sales.

Taking Affiliate Global

Whether you are a global brand looking to expand into new markets, or a domestic brand looking to grow your in-country sales, leveraging global media partners is a key component to your success.

Feature Focus: Deals

Many advertisers find discounts, gifts with purchases, or rebates essential – but also hard to manage and control. Ted Barthell explains how to effectively stay in control of your deals, and create promotions that are a win-win for both you and your partners.

Infographic: How to Grow Your Mobile App

Mobile definitely had its moment this year, and that will undoubtedly continue into 2016. While we are willing to bet you’re sick of hearing about mobile — are you actually doing anything about it?

The Secret to Affiliate Marketing Incrementality Revealed

Advertisers need to know which of their affiliates are driving incremental sales, in order to better optimize partnerships and the channel as a whole. If this wasn’t a priority for your team in 2015, you can’t afford to fall behind in 2016.

Industry Insiders Spotlight

Season 2 of the “Industry Insiders Spotlight” series returned with a bang. Todd Crawford started off the season with interviews with industry heavyweights Matthew Wood and Geno Prussakov.

What topics or posts made your best of 2015 list? Are you making predictions for 2016? Share below.

Thank you for a wonderful  2015 — we’ll see you in 2016!

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