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Our Forensiq Fraud Lab team analyzed over 180 billion impressions to benchmark General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) in desktop/mobile web and in-app environments.

The Lab structured their benchmarking methodology to give the best picture of what unoptimized traffic looks like across the ad tech ecosystem and in a selection of major global markets. It should be noted that the fraud percentages reflect the amount of invalid traffic the Forensiq Fraud Lab team found in traffic BEFORE any Forensiq filtrations or intervention.

So how does invalid traffic affect different markets? And how much money is at stake? Download our infographic now to see a current snapshot of global ad fraud!

In the absence of sensitive, advance fraud detection, invalid traffic flourishes. SIVT, especially, can manifest in many different ways and requires constant vigilance and innovation to detect.

Want to know how you can leverage the Forensiq Fraud Lab’s advanced technologies and strategies to extract actionable macro and event-level insights into your traffic quality? Reach out via email: or via our contact us form.

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