The Top 25 Most Influential People in Performance Marketing


The Performance Marketing community is filled with people providing advice.  Some of the advice is exceptional while some is not. With all of the changes in the industry, the demand for quality content and actionable insight is essential for people that want to stay ahead. So we decided to do the research for you.

After our exhaustive research in the performance marketing industry, we discovered an elite group of people providing extraordinary advice.  Their advice is influencing the industry today and as importantly shaping the future.  These individuals are the proverbial movers and shakers, the influencers, the leaders and the motivators.  Without them, the industry would be less transparent, less trustworthy, less important.

In compiling our ranking of the Most Influential in Performance Marketing (MIPM), we asked Social Business Guru Mark Fidelman to help us determine the industry’s most influential people.  His influence scoring methodology has been covered in the New York Times and Forbes.

We looked at over 400 people and measured their influence using Fidelman’s weighted average formula consisting of Alexa, Klout influence, Google Social Mentions, Google Page Rank, PeerIndex, HowSociable and Twitter followers.

In determining which Performance Marketing thought leaders are most influential the following criteria needed to be met:

  1. The individual needed to have a substantial online social presence.
  2. The influencer needed to have a major emphasis on Performance Marketing.
  3. The Influencer’s content must be educational and not self aggrandizing.

The MIPM formula illustrates how much influence the individual has in relation to the other thought leaders. These influencers were first scored for online influence then compared to one another to create the top 25 ranking. For our purposes, influence is the ability to drive action and engagement – and is based on quality, not quantity.

Here we look at the top 25 influencers with just a few of the scores we considered for this ranking: Twitter followers, PeerIndex and Klout.  These are people you need to know.

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The Top 25 with Blog and Twitter Accounts


1 Brian Clark @copyblogger
2 Shawn Collins @affiliatetip
3 Jeremy Schoemaker @shoemoney
4 John Chow @johnchow
5 Brett Tabke @btabke
6 Rae Hoffman-Dolan @sugarrae
7 Missy Ward @MissyWard
8 Peter Bordes @mediatrustpete
9 Pace Lattin @pacelattin
10 Lynn Terry @lynnterry
11 Matthew Wood @matthewwood
12 Geno Prussakov @ePrussakov
13 Andrew Girdwood @AndrewGirdwood
14 Greg Hoffman @akagorilla
15 Peter Hamilton @PeterHamilton
16 Murray Newlands @MurrayNewlands
17 Angel Djambazov @djambazov
18 Jonathan Volk @jonathanvolk
19 James Martell @JamesMartell
20 Ian Fernando @ianternet
21 Deborah Carney a.k.a. Loxly @loxly
22 Tricia Meyer @sunshinetricia
23 Jay Berkowitz @JayBerkowitz
24 Zac Johnson @moneyreign
25 Kirsty McCubbin @AffiliateStuff


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