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Performance campaigns are attractive targets for fraudsters who can infiltrate your partner network. In our world, fraud not only cuts into your bottom line, it can also harm your revenue-generating partnerships and brand standing.

Both web and mobile campaigns offer multiple ways to skim cash, inflate results, and generally rip off marketers and their partners. From embedding to spoofing to tunneling and more, fraud perps find new ways to cheat every day. Luckily, the data scientists in our Forensiq Fraud Lab are on top of it for you.

Introducing Forensiq Fraud Lab’s Interactive Performance Fraud Directory

In the partnership economy, where accurate attribution is especially vital (and can be complex), fraud protection is a must; and it starts with understanding the threats and where they come from. Our Forensiq Fraud Lab team has put together a Performance Fraud Directory devoted 100% to clearly explaining the different kinds of fraud you may find yourself up against so you can eliminate vulnerability and stay safe.

The Directory lets you drill down into mobile- and web-based attribution and conversion event scams, visualize how they are perpetrated, and understand how they corrupt performance metrics and attribution for your clicks, actions and installs. Here’s a sample of what we cover for you:

  • Five ways fraudsters steal or fabricate clicks to claim attribution and then collect premium payouts that should be going to your legit partners

    For example, this is what sneaky redirects look like:
  • Four ways malicious partners drive fake actions or conversions using bots and other techniques

    Check out one type called device spoofing:
  • Eight different install scams dishonest partners use to generate worthless app installs or steal credit (and revenue) for real ones See what incentivized traffic, a kind of CPI scam, looks like:

See all these forms of fraud in action as well as concise, comprehensive descriptions for a full understanding of the many types of bad actors to protect against. Check out the Performance Fraud Directory, bookmark it, and for more information on fighting fraud, reach out to one the Forensiq Fraud Lab’s experts now.

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