Panel of Leading Stakeholders To Tackle Mobile Ad Fraud at Impact Growth on May 8th in New York

With mobile ad fraud on the rise and the tactics used by bad actors to divert advertiser spend multiplying by the day, it’s clear that stakeholders along the supply chain need to play their part in cleaning up the ecosystem.

At Impact Growth on May 8th, leading stakeholders in the battle against ad fraud will tackle the topic during a panel at 11:20 a.m. called: “State of Mobile Ad Fraud and Stake in its Suppression.” Moderated by Amit Joshi, Impact’s Director of Product & Data Science, the panelists, representing both the supply and demand sides, will share their views on how they’re confronting mobile ad fraud with a focus on in-app impression fraud.

Register now for Impact Growth, our marketing technology summit, on May 8th in New York to hear from Scott Alexander, COO, LKQD, a SSP and ad server; Kristyn Meade, Sr. Manager Mobile Marketing,; Cheryl Ng, VP, Programmatic at COMET (Cox Media Technology); and Casie Jordan, Director, Professional Services, MoPub/Twitter on mobile ad fraud.

Expect a lively discussion around our panelists’ perceptions of the state of mobile ad fraud; methodologies used to address it; the various types of fraud they’re seeing in the mobile space; the differences between mobile fraud and other types of fraud; the challenges they’re facing with respect to mobile ad fraud prevention efforts; and which parties are most responsible for participating in mobile ad fraud suppression.


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